Billy Ray Cyrus Throws Miley’s Wildin’ A$$ Under The Bus

- By Bossip Staff

Even the most permissive father has a breaking point for the amount of ho ISHT he will accept from his daughter.

We almost felt bad for him. But maybe if he woulda put a stop to the fkery long before she was out of his control, she wouldn’t out here doing drugs and getting nekkid.

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  • britchick91

    so he’s just now realising that she’s outta control

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    • Exit ----->

      Translation: I just found out my daughter’s a ho! *Macaulay Culkin face*

      They shoulda never gave you hillbillies money!



  • uhh yeah ok

    “don’t break my heart, my achey-breaky heart”… .. tsk tsk

    • Ali


  • ImaPC

    see, its all good when he & her are on the same show and he’s touring with her…I guess he felt some semblance of control over the situation.

    But once I saw that chick ALLOWED to date a 23 y/o dude when she was only what, 16?? I realized she was on the Britney road–too much too soon. Keeping it all the way real, the problem is that the child makes more than the parents, and she’s TECHNICALLY their boss, so they let her do whatever she wants. The Mom looks she’d party with Miley instead of beating her behind.

  • juliemango

    Miley is 2 much woman for dad to handle!!!

  • jay32

    Well she’s 18 and has her own money there isn’t anything he can do about it except give her advice and whether or not she listens is on her.If she does go down the same road as Lindsey Brittany and so many others then he and her mother have to take a major part of the blame.I mean allowing your 15yr old daughter to have a 20yr old boyfriend and allowing him to live with her is the definition of bad parenting.

    • kandi8105


  • Heheheheheh

    She needs new circle of friends cause them ones cant be trusted for putting that on the internet. Smh! You just can’t trust some people like one time, everything about exposing people. I’ll pray for her not to end up in rehab like all the other disney stars.
    Damn, Disney just know how to pick those future rehab kids.

    • ImaPC

      putting it out there might be the best thing for her in the long run though…it’s still early for her to avoid the pitfalls.

  • Nancy

    Is Miley really out of control. I mean she’s my age and like half of the girls I know my age a little older and younger act like that.

  • yvonne

    She is the reason why her parents broke up, am thinking the mom wouldn’t allow or let him control her.

    • huh

      i agree. I remember seeing a segment on Oprah when they talked about how ‘over protective’ he was, and the Mom was the one who had to melllow him out so Miley could hang out with her ‘friend’.


    -__- blank stare …wtf he didn’t know huh. She will be blowing those millis in no time soon to be cooking up meth somewhere in KY …smh damn damn damnnnnn

  • Mabel

    What can Billy do?..he is dealing with divorcing a wife who was having an affair with Bret Hart, now his daughter is turning into the Hollywood tramp, and clearly headed for rehab. Poor guy has a lot to deal with. Miley don’t break your daddy’s alreay achey breaky heart.

  • Sha

    TRANSLATION: The hussy cut me off on her B-day so I aint co-signing Shiat NO MO!!! 😛

  • nywoman23

    im not buying his sht at all. like he didnt know. 1st off im sure he knows disney’s background.why did (if he did) allow her to get involved in that. not just disney only but the industry.i would understand if the common person who has no knowledge of whats going on really thought their child would benefit from being an actor etc. but wtf. billy bwoy me nuh like.

  • Kimmie - Southern Belle

    It is good for him to slowly bring her back into a sober reality. Hollywood and drugs ends in one of two things, a failed career or overdose(funeral). Saying a prayer for the 18 year old and her decisions…..

  • Jack

    Lord knows black girls never do ANYTHING like this…keep being self-righteous.

  • spoken

    What perplexes me is that she is just turning 18. I swear for 3 years I thought she was over 21…considering she was/is dating someone 28 or so for a few years. Yeah he lost control a loooooong time ago. Smh…she looks like she is 5-10 years older than her real age.

  • Ellimac25

    Bob Miley is trending on twitter. =)



  • frankiestage

    Miley been on a trajectory to be a ho since 15. And I’m sure Billy Ray knew this, but he was loving that money too much. Anyway she’s 18 now, working towards drug addiction.

  • Sad

    Some of you people need to pray about your frame of mind…. So because she is white and lacked/lacks proper supervision, she deserves to be strung out and acting destructive? I’m choosing to pray for her and all of you who thrive off of people doing bad. In the end we are all Gods children No matter the circumstances…my gosh! I’m really blown away by some of these statements

  • Sad

    @Frankiestage blaming a person at 15 on the way they turned out… Yeah let’s do that, because we know Miley raised herself(sarcasm). She had one parent who played his role and another who let her run crazy…

  • Jordan

    Miley is one ugly little white girl and we know how ugly girls are, I guess like mother like daughter, but the mom is very pretty though
    I do also feel sorry for Billy Ray, he seems like a good man and now he’s wife is cheating on him

  • Jadonnie Ava Marie

    This is what happens when you get too much too soon she is another lindsey lohan in the making

    • tellthetruth


  • Tm30

    I have feeling what Miley is doing is going to be nothing compared to her younger sister, if they don’t reign her in now.

  • Bey-nonsense

    it’s too late for her to be reined in. she is an adult now so she’ll have to do it.

  • LR

    I guess Miley is cheating on her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth with the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenagger’s son, Patrick and then she’ll eventually cheat on him. Ugh, Billy Ray’s wife cheated on him and Miley is cheating on her bf.

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