Three Reasons Cam Newton’s Hometown Piece Is A Keeper [New Photos Inside]

- By Bossip Staff

We’re sure that, like any handsome, talented, intelligent and successful athlete, Cam Newton gets more than his fair share of buns thrown at him. Here’s why he should ignore all that and stick to his girl Natalian.

1. She’s already got a man taking care of her: she calls him Daddy. Natalian Carr comes from old money, but that hasn’t stopped her father from building his own fortune as an industrial real estate and land developer.

2. She’s (almost) got her own: once gets her degree in public relations from Clark-Atlanta University, Natalian plans on attending law school. So by no means is this a girl who is expecting ANY man to step into her Daddy’s shoes.

3. She’s been putting up with Cam’s sh*t for way too long: Natalian and Cam have been together off and on since she was 16. Meaning she’s down for the cause. And wifey material.

Bonus: one of her besties, Carmen Ellis (the other girl in the photos below) has been dating Cam’s homie Tim Beckham, the #1 overall draft pick in the 2008 MLB Draft, for the past 5 years. Tim’s signing bonus from the Tampa Bay Rays was $6.15 million. In other words: Nat doesn’t keep a crew of birds around.

Oh, and random watch below: that was Nat’s gift from Cameron for her 21st birthday over the weekend. Who’s buying that for their ex?? These two are definitely currently on.

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  • babysis

    I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

    ___________blackwhiteloving.c-/0m ____________

    This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

    If you want to find a sincere Inter/racial relationship. If you are serious. Come and join us!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    sounds like a winner!

  • whatisgoingon

    Well put Don. I hope their relationship lasts and God please keep away the people that will bring certain women around Cam, with the intent to destroy his name. I remember Minister Louis Farrakhan was talking about how people in the entertainment business go particularly after black men and introduce them to non black women. The intent is to get him away from helping and building his race so the money he makes will not go into the generational wealth of black people, but to white people. Stay strong Cam and focused.

    • Get Over It

      True! best comment of the day. But why can’t these negro men see what the big plan is once they touch a certain amount of money or reach a certain level of success?

    • ravishing diva

      This comment almost brought me to tears! it’s a shame that we as Black people can’t cohere because we are still trying to seek acceptance from white people.

    • Jellybean Dream

      If I applauded this post any harder, my hand would break.

    • I Look Like Yes You Look Like No

      Co-Sign 100%!!!!

  • Ruby

    She’s a keeper. That’s the kind of Black woman I’d like my sons to bring home. Now if I could see her transcript….

  • chocolat

    a purposeless post

  • Ruby

    Remember Doc Gooden had a crazy chick ( a sister) who showed up at LaGuardia Airport with a gun?

  • if anything be noble

    If she’s going to be a keeper, the girl needs to be a keeper of some clothes on. Being dressed is a good internet look. #justsayin

    • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!


  • Txhustla15

    He didnt steal any laptop – difference he bought a stolen macbook pro, and given what those cost retail thats a hookup heh.. which anybody would have jumped on given oppportunity. Everything else you mentioned is speculation….

  • NetNilla

    Since 16? I say the young lad should run through some other women then settle back down with his girl – the poor man needs to get other p-ssy out of his system if she expects him to stay faithful.

  • SMH

    Cam claims to have bought the laptop….

    but the problem here….if he really bought it, and it was really just a mistake….why did he throw it out the window when Jake showed up? How did they even knew HE specifically had it??

    the excuse was great too….some guy selling stuff outta his trunk…lol. Haven’t we all used that one?

    • Divine

      The story is he bought a laptop for really cheap thru a hook up.
      Now as broke as I was in college, Im sorry, I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing.

      Well the hookup stole several laptops and Cam purchased one of them.
      So when the cops came accusing him of stealing a laptop, after they left he panicked and threw it out of the window.

      He didn’t steal it, be purchased a stolen laptop.

  • Johnny'sgirl

    Preach it!

  • ATW

    first of alll why does he need to settle down anyway… chix always tryin to put the grippers on a brotha. don’t do it bro!!!

  • Already

    Some of you guys need to get off his back I can tell who is white in here…cant let a black man live…damn he is trying to do better and is put his self in position to become better. Did we forget he is just a young kid still learning. I mean Im sure most of you in here posting comments about his previous behavior as a child would get laughed at and ridiculed to if we know what you did when you was his age no telling what yall have done…so quit judging the man you dont even know him…smdh…get it together and let the man grow as person…d.a.m.n.!

  • ashlyn

    this s i te is run by a BW so she is going hard for this girl who is not pretty and all this comes from money in your terms what it means not on food stamps i doubt it he will / is with a kimk in 3 2 1

    • No you din't

      You sound like your jealous of BW. If this site were run by one do you really think so many stories would be anti-BW? Sorry if it disappoints you that some men could actually like women who don’t look like you. Whether Cam is still with this woman isn’t relevant. I know you’ve been brainwashed to believe your type is superior but it’s not and their is beauty in types of women.

  • resurrected

    A smart always pays attention and counts the cost. A real man does not just want an easy prey he wants someone who can stand up to his foolishness and have his back. He wants someone who he can build a life with and not some fling or a woman who makes that easily puts herself in the baby momma category (things happen and people change but someone women act like being a baby momma is some kind of prize).

  • resurrected

    He is not with her now I think that were high school loves.

  • Mr. Cool

    If I was Cam, I would not take no female serious until I finish my professional career is over and any girl I date would have to sign my special unique contract.

  • Mr. Cool

    Unique Contract = no interviews, no gossiping, no drama, no violence, lots of ___.

  • retard

    nobody cares u already posted this shit.

    • IKnowRite


  • bwakbwakchickenhead..

    Bird alert^^

  • 1word

    She’s ok, he’ll find better. Someone who will submit to him.

  • Kiombi

    Lord have mercy I went to high school with that chick.

  • trill

    This is so racist…

  • yup!

    will yall PLEASE GET OFF OF CAMS TOP!!! who cares if he dates white girls, black girls, green girls, stripe girls (lol) i know i dont. cam aint paying my bills nor putting money in my pocket, so who cares..smh.

  • Melissa Lee

    Why is their relationship such a big deal? OK, her background sounds like many others.Woopdeefreakindoo

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