Michael Jackson’s Doctor Is Finally Paying For His Shady A** Tactics

- By Bossip Staff

A year and a half after MJ’s not-so-accidental-looking death, Dr. Conrad Murray is finally feeling some real consequences.

According to TMZ, a Cali judge has ruled that there is enough evidence to take the case against Murray to trial.

Judge Michael Pastor ruled there is sufficient evidence to warrant a manslaughter trial.

In his closing statement, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren told the judge, “It was not Michael Jackson’s time to go. Michael Jackson is not here today because of the negligence and reckless acts of Dr. Murray.”

Walgren said Murray cared more about covering up evidence than helping MJ.

Judge Pastor’s ruling follows a 6-day preliminary hearing in which more than 20 witnesses were called.

If convicted Murray faces a maximum of 4 years in prison.

Murray’s lawyer, Ed Chernoff, tells TMZ, “We are disappointed but not surprised. We knew we would be in trial and that’s where we’re going to end up.”

TMZ also reports that Judge Pastor finally did what the California Medical Board has been asking him to do about Murray’s license.

Dr. Conrad Murray’s medical license has just been suspended.

Judge Michael Pastor just ordered the suspension, as a condition to Dr. Murray’s bail in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.

The Medical Board of California has asked the court twice before to yank Murray’s license, to no avail. But minutes after ordering Murray to stand trial, Judge Pastor granted the request.

Dr. Murray has 24 hours to notify the medical boards in Texas and Nevada of Judge Pastor’s decision.

It’s a devastating blow to Murray, because he needs to practice to make enough money to pay his legal team. Murray’s team believes the move is designed to take away his right to defend himself in the manslaughter trial.

We can only imagine what info is going to come out of this trial.

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  • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

    still can’t believe he’s gone…remember to always think twice – do think twice! #MJlyrics

  • Nana

    I personally don’t think this Man killed MJ….MJ was a walking ghost! But if he did then MJ deserves justice

  • sarahadams

    He isn’t to blame it was what addictions do to people. Its his fault for letting him be on so many drugs. Yet I think he wanted to die how many times can a person be accused of hurting children n want to live

  • Peppa

    MJ definitely DID NOT WANT TO DIE. You could hear it in his voice when he was rehearsing for the “This Is It Tour” He was exhausted, and drugged out, but he did not want to die. He was in a lot of pain and under stress, but he did not want to die. That doctor had the responsibility, to refuse certain dosages and mixture of medication and drugs, and he failed his patient. So he should stand trial, so that all evidence can be presented. The family has a right to know if this doctor played enough of a role in MJ’s death.

  • confidently_ugly

    I feel bad for Murray….everyone that rx excessively for MJ is to blame. Murray got caught holding the bag literally. We may never know the truth.Interesting that the coroner found the iv drug in Michaels stomach. Love Michael didnt know him personally but it appears he was a very demanding addict.

  • Reality

    Innocent until proven guilty does not exist anymore with nonsensical people. Wait until the facts are presented.

    • Lorena

      Have you been following the preliminary hearings? Have you heard of the inconsistent nonsense that Murray and his team have been pushing? Didn’t think so. Sure, he deserves a fair trial, but it’s pretty obvious where this is heading. NEXT.

  • Baby Lady

    Docs r held with the up most standards,they take oaths Just as law enforcement. It does not matter if MJ was demanding or an addict. Whn u kno the right thing to do but dont do it the oath is broken and u r liable. I am sure he was on MJ’s payroll and was greedy,and loving the money he ws getting for being MJ’s personal Doc..It does not matter if other Docs were involved he ws there! Anything done n the dark comes to light. r.i.p MJ my 2yr cant get enough of the Jackson5 oldies

  • Lorena

    Dr Conrad Murray had a duty as a Doctor. He showed absolute disregard for life and disrespect towards his own proffession. His unethical and reckless behaviour led to the senselesss death of a man who was said to be in ‘excellent’ health by the coroner.

    People keep saying that MJ asked for it. That is irrelevant. Patients who are in need of treatment for whatever ailment (MJ’s was insomnia) sometimes make irrational demands. It was up to Murray as a TRAINED doctor to make the decisions that were in the best interests of his patient. He FAILED to do that. Even after he did, he decided to cover for himself rather than help his patient who was in need. Would YOU want Murray to treat you?

    • YOLI

      I love your answer ….you are so right…even freaking Dr.Drew explains the drug side effects, what they do, how they make you think…on and on….and didn’t several “overdoses” in the new york area cause an investigation and later the arrest of Frank Lucas(american gangster)….So a police man’s partner who dies of an overdose gets more justice than michael jackson…….get the f**k outta hea”(in my eddie murphy voice)

  • tracy

    I agree wholeheartedly with Lorena and others about this doctor. And hells to the no I wouldn’t want any doctor like Murray treating me or anyone.

    His own actions showed that he had something to hide. I believe that he left the room for a while talking to his girlfriend or whatever. He is negligent and now Michael is gone.

  • It's Me

    his punk azz killed the KING! Now he deserves to be punished. He needs to go to state prison!

  • Shanice

    I find it bull that they are charging him with manslaughter. Negligance yes but not manslaughter.

    • Lorena

      Obviously, you don’t understand the structure of the law of homicide.

  • Natalie

    That’s good no mercy shown by the judge he better be lucky he ain’t getting life, but I still hope he get the four years and get shipped to a hard jail where somebody beat his a** real bad.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    The question most people don’t seem to ask is what financial or personal benefit was there for Conrad Murray to kill MJ.

    MJ was his Conrad Murrays ticket out of debt if he went on tour with MJ as his doctor.

    Conrad Murray not guilt.

    • Ummmm....

      He is not being charged with homocide because it was not intentional! He is on trial for giving MJ a drug that it not supposed to be administered outside of a hospital setting on top of all the other drugs in that man’s system. He waited 20 minutes to call 911 and then when the paramedics arrived he withheld important information! I am sure the good doctor didn’t want MJ dead b/c I guarantee he was being well compensated for his services. At the end of the day he is the doctor, he knew better and he should be held accountable!

    • Ummmm....

      He is not being charged with homocide because it was not intentional! Dr. Murray was giving him a drug that is not to be administered outside of a hospital setting! That is why he waited 20 minutes to call 911 and withheld important information from the paramedics to try and cover his sorry @ss! We all know MJ had an addicition but at the end of the day the doctor knew better and he should be held accountable! And if you have never dealt with or had a family member battling an addiction then I don’t know if you should be speaking ill of that man’s family. The family can’t really enable somebody that doesn’t need them for anything!

  • bb

    conrad is being rail roaded. Micheal jackson entire family should be blame including his mother who instead of trying to give him tough love encourage his negligence. People like to take no responsiblitiy for their actions. Why don’t they just admit MJ was a druggie!!!!! The man was living on a thin thread. He would have died one way or the other. I beleieve the doctor try to cover up things not to hide any negligence on his part but to prevent them from taking his license. He have back child support at the time and he reaally needed his money. This is why no one like to care for black persons in hospitals, be their nannies or teach their kids. Becuase responsibilty never falls on the parent or the child it always fall on the person who sacrificed their livily hood etc to help. Shame!!!!!!

  • Ummmm....

    sorry for double post, thought it did not go through the first time!

  • Jasper

    He was payed to kill him by a higher power

  • get em paid!

    @nana umhum
    I dont think he killed MJ either ur on point with that walking ghost thing! Sleeping in that chamber! Those visits to India.

  • tell it all


  • Jenny

    Wow… the ignorance is unreal here. It is so easy to read the facts online, but people are too sorry and lazy to do it so allow me to educate, if you will. Michael Jackson was not a walking ghost. His autopsy report showed that, in spite of a few issues with his lung, his VITILIGO skin disease, a polyp on his colon and a touch or arthritis in his spine, he was in FANTASTIC physical health for a 50 year old man. It was NOT his time to die. He was healthy. Yes, taking an anesthetic to get some sleep is NOT the way to go. That was a risk, but the man had serious problems with insomnia and he thought he had a knowledgeable Dr. looking after him. Instead he had a quack that spent more time talking on the phone to his ho’s than he did monitoring his patient, which he KNEW was what he was being paid to do and was supposed to do. He lied so many times and did so many things wrong, I think he should be charged with MURDER 2. Read up on the case before you comment. Otherwise you sound like an uninformed moron.

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