Clearly, Breezy Isn’t Over This Rihanna Mess Yet

- By Bossip Staff

This is Chris Brown in a scene from his upcoming “Wonder Woman” video, featuring Tyga Tyga.

We’re just saying: two years later, would your art still imitate the ugliest moment in your life in any way?

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  • purple love

    Huh? I don’t understand what yall mean by that um can sum 1 explain to me?

    • jessica from uk

      same ere i don’t even like beat em down chris… but i swear he never goarrested he handed himself in… i’m confused

    • Kyra

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    • Kyra

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    • Kyra

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  • MxRedJ

    This is a waist of writing because it has no point to it!?

  • Real Issh

    They’re talkinn about Chris beinn arrested for thee Rihanna situation . Whyy would he wanna showcase thee worst part of his life ? But its just ah song now ,, so thee Rihanna thing has no relevance .

  • YokoDMV

    maybe not the best idea for the new vid…but i guess we will have to see the finish product

  • Peppa

    See this is why no one takes CB fans serious. because you all (((WELL MOST OF YOU))) can never keep it real, or you can’t say ish without lying. This person “teambreezy” said CB showed up with blood dripping from his hands. LMAO, uuh excuse me darling, but CB turned himself in, the next day. So he kept his hand bleeding all, night, woke up did not shower, and drove to the station to be booked all the time losing blood???? WOW…….GOOD ONE.

    • truth

      that shyt was funny i gotta give u sum points on that one lmao

  • Basic Instinct

    Imho, i think Chris should’ve been convicted of attempted murder. The police report read that after her savagely beat Rihanna, he said ‘wait until we get home, then i’m really gonna kill you’. What more could he do to an already battered and bruised woman? KILL her. He fled from the scene because he thought she was dead.

    • block baby

      I agree he should have been charged for attempted murder. He made threats to kill so that should be attempted murder. I think he would have been had she been found unconscious but she was awake when they came.

  • Lovely1

    Pointless post it make no sense. Will everything he do for the rest of his life, always be about Rihanna… It’s just sad how this boy is not allowed to learn from his mistakes and move on, very sad…He need to continue to do what he loves… He still has millions of fans that love and support him….. GO Chris I can not wait for him to tour and drop new cd FAME

  • Peppa

    The incident took place Feb8th, 2009 after midnight. CB finally turned himself in Feb 9th at 6pm. Dripping Blood??? First of all the only blood that dripped, came from a female.

  • mek

    Hes homophobic down low violent abusive makes fun of child molestation victims sleeps with random groupies (male & female)messed up teeth huge forehead that full of wrinkles WHAT DO U EXPECT

  • Peppa

    @Lovely, I agree that the media is having a field day with this, and not allowing for people to forget this. But let me ask you a question, and please try to keep it 100. Don’t you think CB has done his share of damage to his character since the beatings?????

    • apathetik

      I think no matter what he does the media will continue to bad mouth him and bring up this situation. He owned up to it and is doing his community service and charity work and it’s been close to two years. People need to let it go and let them move on with their lives. His career is still going strong and has a great year. T.I. can get arrested numerous times for the same crap, Wayne too and they are still praised with little to know punishment from the media. CB commits one crime and it’s like he is a career criminal. I don’t understand it

  • Peppa

    How come none of you CB fans are answering questions when it comes to CB’s own actions. The media woud have NOTHING except the past to talk about if CB sat his a$$ still long enough to let this crap die. I know I am getting tired of him on TWITTER. VERY TIRED OF IT. It’s like he cannot resist, and he is obviously bullying his publicist, because even she can’t keep him quiet, and off twitter.

    • Blue Kid

      @ Peppa
      Answer me this bat man, why are you following Chis Brown on Twitter?????? There is a button where you can push to stop following him use it.

  • GHUKflav

    I don’t see the link but …Chris is playing the miss Rhianna card because she is still very successful although he thought he ended her career. If she ever got back with him he will do worse than before. It is an ego thing …and a trait of some men who are not sure of the person they are with hence do not value them as they should be.
    He thought he was a god, now he realizes he is just a man, what do you think he would do if he got the opportunity?

    • Blue Kid

      You don’t make a damn bit of since.

    • block baby

      @bluekid Shut up because you never make any sense on your essays with Rihanna. Pot calling the kettle black.

  • truth

    cb is gonna be cb an i wouldn let none of yall mutha f**kas tell me how to do me..if that dude wanna be on twitter thats his business i say twitt alway he’s a socialable a fan of his music dancin an art…not his personal life…one bad mistake that the guy regrets doing…an as soon as the guy makes a vid that involves handcuffs here comes the hater wolf packs an i mean the hater wolf packs yall needs to fall the F**K back an let dis dude breathe

  • 122

    What every happen to morals

  • caseonator

    I don’t give a damn what rihannna did to him, he knew what he was doing and didn’t give a damn because he knew he would get away with it..the smart thing and right to do was to get out that car.. I bet any dud would have because hitting any women these days will get you in some deep ish. Come on, look at the apologises he gave…you can tell by each and every one of those were not even written by him or said from the heart. In other words…. FAKE!

    • Entoon

      I tell my daughters all the time to never provoke a man to rage and to stay away from any raging man. he should have walked away and she should have walked away if she could have. but judging from how she turned out from the beating – she was not in control, didnot try to defend herslef and she was defenseless. had this happen to a daughter of mine – there wouldn’t have been anything u could say to me to make me feel like she deserved to get her azz beat like that! shid it woulda been alot of slowing singing and flower bringing!!!

  • Peppa

    Well you are not talking to me (ignorant rant and all loser) You are the typical CB fan, ignorant, and no matter what logical rational thing someone says regarding CB’s behavior, you denounce it because you like his music. Grow the hell up, and keep it reral. The boy is doing as much damage to his career as the media is. And no matter how much you claim you don’t care about his personal life, it affects his professional career. So stop sounding like a young dumb fan who doesn’t care what an artist does as long as they are cute.

    • truth

      fall back peppa damn its just an opinion boo

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Smh@Some of these b***hes that comment.But im lol at the same time! Constipated b***h!

  • Ms. Sashay

    CB made a mistake which unfortunately he is still paying for. People are still whining about something that happened a few years back like they themselves were the one being attacked. Let it go y’all can forgive Terrance Howard and Charlie Sheen? And theese are grown arse men.SMDH

    • caseonator

      then why is his fans JUSTIFYING his actions…Like hitting her was the best thing to do.

    • Blue Kid

      Chris Brown fans are not justifying his action, we are saying it’s his life and he is doing the time for his crime and we are still going to buy his music so STFU and get your own life.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Much love to Chris Brown!

  • Howcomeucantthink

    Oh wow, let that kid go on with his life, if he’s not beatin’ a broad down now, then he should be able to get on with his life without acrimony. The only reason we’re even still paying attention to Rihanna is because he womped on her in the 1st place which made me feel sorry for the girl when I saw it. But now, she’s sooo annoying, yodeling to Jay-Z’s bland a$$ raps. And she looks like an elf without all that weave and make up, keep it real unless you’re ugly.

    • KV

      Lmao you aint neva lie! Nobody was paying her any mind until then. They’re not now truth be told.

  • H8

    Chris should of hired someone to take that b!tch out. My cousin works for immigration. I gonna see if I can find a way to get the diseased b!tch deported.

    • truth


  • Antonia








  • truth

    Hey did anybody know that Rihanna’s Father name is Ronald as n Ronald McDonald..thats why she’s wearin that fire engine red hair wig cause her an her with each other again welcome bac Mr ROnald lmao

  • sarahok

    agree! it actually tyga’s song. Read lyrics first and the name of the song “Wonder Women”

  • Entoon

    Breezy eff up! point blank. he can continue to sing and have a career but this is just the consequences of his actions. he’s the ultimate temptation cute, rich, charming but he’s angry, violent and an ex felon. it is what it is. this is how females get duped everyday. just looking at the surface of a dude and allowing themselves to fall down some damn rabbit hole of love. how can u love someone who will kill ur azz in a fit of rage? he beat the hell out of rihanna – point blank. it was horrible but it is the truth. until u can feel justified with someone doing the same to a female in ur fam – quit frontin! now he makes good music and is talenteed. seperate side of him but not the only side any female should pay attention to!

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