Some Morning Swirl

- By Bossip Staff

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett had a nice adult evening away from Baby Hank, and got their Hollyweird on at Katsuya.

Kendra’s got that “I just rolled outta bed” steez going on here…

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  • Uguess

    Kendra needs to spend more time in the mirror. Having a baby is hard work but she been looking tore back for a celeb.

  • Uguess

    At a second glance she looks ran down like Chelsea Lately not a good look.

  • 7lady

    You can take the girl out the trash. But you can’t take the trash out the girl. Smh

  • Nana

    I like this chic…she makes no apologies 4 sh!t in her past! She got herself a Mangingo d!ck and kept it moving. You can’t hate on that,,,,,, u go gal!

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      @divine.. i agree with you 100 percent! She is a skeezer , her and that chelsea handler look like str8 up meth head old looking hags.. what is this broad in her 20’s// DAYUMMMM!!!

  • jfizzle

    This dude was definitely not runnin hoes in college, it seems like Kendra gave him some booty and he was hooked. Man this broad been through all kind of stuff and she barely 25. Dude got “got”

  • Divine

    She looks ROUGH… Yikes…
    Amd she’s only like 25 or 26…GEESH!

  • L.A.

    Kendra is a funny girl and has a lot of confidence to come out in front of the cameras that way.

    • atlrita

      i like kendra truelly a fan…to every1 hatin when she was on girls next door she a personal everything her life was total la-la land an u knw hef wudnt have no1 walkin around like tht but now shes married with a baby i can admit tht because every1 n america is checkin wht an who looks like wht i spend time in front of the mirror puttn my face on an do n my hair maybe she just didnt care like a normal person…but im sure after the media tears her up abt this shes gonna invest n a makeup team/stylist on hand b4 she steps out

  • mona

    Kendra girl get that ish together. She looks a mess. This dude married a playboy bunny and ended up with “?”. I see this all the time, Brothas marry up a white chic and 2 years later she looks like crap. They be all up in Walmart walking behind her trashy tail, eyeing me up and down out he corner of their eyses…lol. I know exactly what they be thinking, oh chose her thinking you were getting a trophy wife, now you don’t want to be seen with her.

    • tommykimon

      LOL girl speak the truth. They are always with the white chick that is looking a mess and trying to sneak a peak at a fly sister.

    • kslim1

      Lol, that happens to me too, and I just slap on a little chapstick..the hair and outfit gotta look right though…

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa...

    One thing i noticed about her is that she can not dress herself… she always looks average except when she is wearing little to no clothes.

  • gigglgal215

    Is Kendra back on drugs?

  • Jasmine

    GO KENDRA:)….I love this girl she has so much confiedence and the reason why she came out the house like this is bc she dont give a FLUNK what anybody thinks of her she is living her life the way she wants to…weather she looks average or not….Datz Ma Bit*h

  • Jasmine


  • Ben

    What has happened to her she is so old looking now.Hank will learn that you cannot turn a ho into a housewife.I do not blame Hank his father raised him to have no pride and no self respect he does not knowany better, it will not last this tv marriage of theres.

  • Super Sized In Yo Mouf !

    I hate him!

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    ole ugly chelsea Handler looking hag!!

  • bouyant

    no way kendra is 25. i refuse to believe it. and its not a white thing either, i have plenty of white friends that look good for their age.


    yeah shes a mess but look at all the media following them omfg that would drive me crazy

  • Eddie

    Kendra looks terrible. Where’s the makeup?

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    My brother is 25 and looks 20 years younger than this thing. She was 25 25 years ago. Cant fool me.

  • 5150


    • hmmmm

      he might be half white, but its still a swirl because LOOK @ them…doesn’t that just look like chocolate and vanilla swirlin together??

      If you wanna get technical vanilla and caramel…same visual though, which is where the term comes from

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Well he’s mixed so is it really a swirl?

  • http://google smh

    he’s half white and when his son grows up he’ll tell him to marry white, then his sons son will marry white until all of his hated blk blood is blended out, that’s if his male lineage doesn’t turn gay:O

  • Fab.

    Face has always more or less looked like this… Body-wise, she’s always looked like a 12-yr-old boy with implants. And she laughs like a donkey. sorry I just don’t get the hype.

  • Candid Canuck


    ur gyrl set u up.. called the paps. prolly a dinner about handling their divorce and whatnot…

  • Taya

    how old is she because that face looks like 30 something..sure did fall off…every time i see Hank i just see him playing a Leprechaun in some commercial…dat face fell off too

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