Barack Obama’s State Dinner For Chinese President Causes A Stir…Guest List Full Of White Folks

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President Barack Obama had a dinner last night in DC for Chinese President Hu Jintao. Interesting enough, there were some “non-Chinese” folks on the list that caused a bit of a stir:

Now that the big question has been answered (Michelle Obama is wearing Alexander McQueen), we can move on to the other details of Wednesday night’s state dinner. Like who else attended.

Thanks to the guest list released in the afternoon, we had an idea. Below is a slideshow of who made it through security … and what they wore.

According to pool reports, there was a little Q&A with attendees:

-Barbra Streisand, when asked why she was there: “I worked in a Chinese restaurant.”
-Anna Wintour said she wanted to ask President Hu to “invest money in Chinese fashion.”
-Jackie Chan on why he brought a big camera: “I just want to take some photo.”

As for what they ate, we know it was “quintessentially American”: lobster, steak, apple pie and ice cream. After dinner, about 300 guests–Sasha and Malia included–took in a performance by jazz great Herbie Hancock.

Hmmm…Interesting…Herbie Hancock was the only black person other than the First Family?? SMH.

There are many other interesting guests: Herbie Hancock, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Barbra Streisand, Wendy Deng Murdoch sans Rupert, and Jackie Chan. (You can read the full guest list here.) The New York Times frets over the logistical difficulties of inviting both Hillary and Bill Clinton: Should he be her “plus one,” or should they both get official invites?

Jackie Chan presents a problem, too: Do you also invite Jet Li and just hire extra help to clean up after the inevitable kung fu battle that ensues? And if Chan brings Chris Tucker as his plus one, do you sit them at opposite sides of the room so their dumb race jokes don’t ruin the entire evening?

Double SMH.

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