Where Is Kim Porter??? Diddy Says He Wants A Wife Like Beyonce

- By Bossip Staff

It doesn’t look like Kim Porter is ever getting that ring, poor thang.

It’s not because Diddy doesn’t have marriage on the brain, it’s just that the mother of 60% of his kids isn’t his “ideal woman.”

Close friends with fellow rap mogul Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, Diddy said: “I’d love to have what Jay and Beyonce have.

“My ideal woman has to have intellect and soul. I don’t woo them with flowers, I need to know they like me for real.”

Despite never having wed, Diddy has five children by three partners and is stepfather to another child.

But he wants more – and says hearing David Beckham and Victoria are expecting again has made him more determined. He said: “I last saw Beckham a couple months ago. We are both proud fathers. That’s what our friendship is about, not being stars or artists.

“We ask how are kids are doing. I’m so happy he’s got another on the way. I hope he has as many as me. I want more.”

We hope Kim has her ovaries on lock until she gets a ring!


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    • kalifa

      clearly kim porter enjoys the way diddy treats her.
      no self-respecting woman is gonna stay with a dude who cheats on her publicly, who has a zillion baby mamas and who tells the world flat out that he isnt gonna marry her.
      she sticks around because she likes his money, enjoys being his doormat and probably feels like she has too many miles on her vagina for any other man to put a ring on it 😦

  • Tcity

    there will be some dumb girl who will get pregnant soon if someone is not already.How can he compare his life to a respectful family man (David Beckham)when his kids are all over the place with women who have only one accomplishment,having a child with him.Beyonce would not be the woman she is if she had a man like Puffy.Jay Z is a real stand up man no one can front on him about that.He has self respect that’s why he landed Beyonce.

  • Lola

    Tcity I agree wit you 100 %

  • Lola

    Diddy honey, to find a right person you gotta be the right person, its a 2 way street… What makes you think you can possibly have a woman like B? You got 5 kids, you aint nothing like Jay so take urself back on the ground cuz ur head is 2 high

    • brooklyn

      jay has kids yes kids

    • Jordan

      Jay has one child with a trinidad model…he takes care of both of them really well…ain’t no T there…!

    • Lola

      That kid aint his, ya are retarded

    • AugustLady

      Excuse me while I roll my eyes at his comment.
      I agree with everything you said. Next to every good man is a good woman. Diddy, until you decide that you’re ready to be that man, its just not happening.

  • Lola

    Hmmm also he said he wants woman with intellect…Beyonce is talented and I am her fan but she aint intellectual, she can barely give an interview… She is pretty, good voice, bangin body while Jay on the other hand is all intellectual and thats how he got her

    • AugustLady

      Exactly. But Diddy is all about the image anyway. So…………what’s he doing with Casey? Is that over? Am i late???

    • stef

      no disrespect (im a fan too) but bey wouldn’t be where she is today if she didn’t have a strong intellect. she’s done well considering, as far as i know, she hasn’t gone/finished college. plus she’s a thorough businesswoman.

    • such and such

      I guess when he meant intellectual he wants somebody he can have a conversation with thats going to speak to him on his level. We don’t know what Diddy and Kim’s relationship is like, only they know. But what’s wrong with who he’s with now? He might want a woman like Bey, but who is like her? There’s only one her. Some people expect way more when what they have is already enough.

    • aj

      Stef she doesn’t have strong intellect. What Beyonce had were strong parents who sacrificed their lives and marriage to see her thru to the top. After Daddy did his job she moved on to another powerful man to make power moves for her. If she had to go at it and do it herself she would have never gotten this far. It just shows you the lengths that a man will go thru for a woman. That’s all. She steals songs from unknown writers and then pays them off in copyright court. She hires choreographers and stylists to get things just right, and while she may have an idea of what she wants to do she’ll quickly hire top notch visionary producers, writers, and instrumentalists to do it. don’t get it twisted, she’s no quincy jones or michael jackson. when you have money like her, you too can be on top of the game. believe that!

  • Matix who you calling a B

    He can’t be a step fater if he never married. He also said he wants what bey and Jay have not actually Bey.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Thank you! You must have been reading my mind.

  • fifi

    your a bad person…….why dont you get marry her??????

  • http://bossip mion

    He said he wants what J & B have…he lost me with intellectual. When Beyonce got with Jay her coins wasn’t as they are now. In Kanye voice ” I ain’t saying she’s a golddigger”. We know damn well she wouldn’t be with Jay ugly a.s.s if he was a penny shorter. With that being said on the surface I think Beyonce is a very good wife. I just want to see how long this contract I mean marriage will last. I would say it had a start date, and an end date as well. By the time Beyonce is 30-32 she is going to be ready to whip her hair back and forth, and not with old as Jigga. I don’t blame her. She’s been stuck with him all her damn life Yawn ! Maybe she will stick it out, who knows? If it was me, i’d wake up one day like un um i’m ready to let my weave down be free from old man Jeckel. Anyway who knows behind closed doors we heard she was triflin, she don’t look like the type to want to have sex, oh and all that damn weave…how do you sleep with that !

    • Bianca

      And u can tell how she does/doesnt please her husband, sexually no less, how??. U r delusional.



    • stef

      i totally agree wit bianca

    • RosieDD

      You are right! She looks like she is no bueno in the sack. A dead F U C K.

    • obama's nation

      well since u know so much tell me what draws did beyonce wear yesterday??

  • Mrs. Rance

    He doesn’t want a wife like Beyonce. He doesn’t even date women like that. When he had someone that was even close to B’s status, Jennifer, he continued to sleep with Kim, Sarah and God knows who else. He is not capable of having what Jay and B have.

    • Mm

      I have to agree with you on this one.

  • ???

    B too damn fake,her and jay relationship is a joke wake up people.

  • ???

    Diddy,puffy or whatever is gay as hell and just f*cking women for babies to hide his real feeling.

  • http://www.bossip.com 5150

    He doesn’t have any respect for his kids,their mothers,his mother,or himself.

  • NotARealFan

    Regardless of what we think about Jay & Bey, their image is on point. Diddy can’t keep his mouth closed long enough or stop taping enough reality shows to find someone who likes him for who he is. Who the hell is he? Oh yeah, just another brotha who pops babies in random women and then comes with a sob story. Next!

  • sexy

    Most of you black people bashing on diddy only cause he likes white women and hispanic like Jlo. (for the record, I aint black). Now if he went after or wifed up black women, then he’d be the shit, right. Biggest racists ever!

    • mr.make.ya.feelgood

      hey dummy…… did you notice that he bangs white and latinas, but he has kids with blk women. so think again….

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      Did it ever occur to you that we don’t like him because he is arrogant and rude. Have you ever met him in person, like I did. He is rude to his fans, a lot of whom helped make him rich enough to have his current empire. And also, have you noticed that we also tend to have a problem with a guy or guys who run around knocking up a lot of women, sleeping with everyone raw all w*lly nilly like AIDS is still not an empidemic. And yes we know he sleeps with white, like Her pes infested Paris Hilton and then comes back and spreads that into the black community. Yeah, there are real reasons we have problems with him. Get your mind right.

    • Greg

      STFU Puerto! He had one Puerto girlfriend all the rest were black and BLASIAN. I have never seen him with a white woman and if he did have one so what, that’s his business!

    • RosieDD

      Fool, you sound dumb. Who are the mothers of his children??

  • Real Issh

    So “I wanna love like Beyonce’ & Jay Z” actually means “I want a wife like B” ? If so ,, I need to go back 2 school . Sheesh .

  • Tressa

    J Lo would have been it. She’s the only one the public knows about that came close to Bey, having the 3 main tops as being: powerful, beautiful and smart.

    Having the right heart should be first.

  • SayItLoudHD

    Here I thought Coming Home meant somn personal to Diddy as reflecting on change for BETTER! . . . NOT! I dont c it. Im pulling back my support of him. Doesnt women get when they’ve been disrespected enough?! Dont tell me Kim dont like to socialize. Gawd! Men! (some).

  • SayItLoudHD

    Look how Bey looking @ him. Caution.

    • AugustLady


  • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

    Dont know one want a hoe for a husdand………..

    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

      oop’s husband

  • whatever

    Diddy is jut confused..he don’t know what he wants. TO have somethng like J and Bey ,,well he gots to be out of his mind..Now that you got all these kids by different women, who would want to marry you..If they do like He stated himself its not for him or out of love its for his status…just my thought..

  • Winner

    Puffy is REALLY wanting a female performer who is on TOP of the entertainment game. Someone with lots and lots of talent, nice body and face, can dance her butt off, and is powerful with a lot of money. And maybe lightskin… I think he will accept any skintone as long as she has the qualities listed above.

    But first he needs to stop talking so got damn much and showing most of his life to the public.

    Note to Puffy…..You want what Jay has then you have to conduct yourself in the manner Jay does…..First and foremost, stop talking so damn much…BE MORE PRIVATE!

    A private demeanor is intriguing!

  • mr.make.ya.feelgood

    we talk about kim kardashian’s lack of talent. what talent does this fool have besides using ppl? and you are so on point keeping is real 1983

  • KT

    Bey is looking a Diddy like she is saying “Oh please shut up and go away”.Diddy won’t have a woman like Bey because his private life is in the media too much.One of the reasons Bey and Jay click is because the guard their private life.Diddy would make a reality show out of his if he got married.

    • mr.make.ya.feelgood


  • Luel14

    That’s Bey real hair y’all. See how gorgeous it looks. She’s not bald.

  • http://www.blackradioblog.com Wildcherry666

    Diddy don’t know what the hell he wants. He would get the perfect woman, and still find a way to mess it up.

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