For The Hoes: 10 Tips To Catch You A Baller Man At The Superbowl!

- By Bossip Staff

Throw out your bus pass, get them sit ups right, and check out the groupie’s guide to trap…we mean catch you a baller man!

With BET’s “The Game” one of the most popular shows on their network, we’re not surprised by the rise of “ho-fessionals” on the scence. For all of you attention whores fawking for tracks and looking to make it rain on them hoes with a baller by your side, check out this “groupies guide” to catching you a baller man at this year’s Superbowl!

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  • Trust YOUR Instincts

    This is not for the hoes this just sounds like smart female qualities IMO. This is how you get a baller or non-baller (but good man).

  • Tellthetruth

    This is ignorant on so many levels. When you go on T*M*Z, or P. H!lton, etc. websites they never have s#!t like this up! I’m mad that this is actually a topic. The media always find ways to put down, insult, and try to belittle our race. *In most of the pics there were black women* It’s so sad because there are some women who actually have a pen and jotting this bull$#!t down or printing it out. How about articles on etiquette, upliftment, tips on how to become better women, positivity, basically something of substance or intellect. WTF?!?

  • Tellthetruth

    Okay…………………. what exactly is your point? The article is still wrong on a whole lot of levels! So because the article may be true and you got a bunch of numbers does that make it right that they wrote this bull$#!t article?!?

  • nicky barnes

    Yeah. The article IS wrong on so many levels. But, consider the source…

  • M3@9@N

    @Tellthetruth So you took the time to read an article for the hoes to not get pointers Oh ok.

  • Tellthetruth

    YES!!!!!! We do!!!!!!!!!!! We HAVE to do better.

  • Eddie

    This article is for lazy underachievers.

  • 90's Baby

    @ TelltheTruth You’re so right. This is a mess..



  • k2thaEye

    I thought it was kinda funny! thirsty b#$@! will be printing this ish off and studying it!

  • No-INtro

    This whole article is pathetic. I tried considering the source, but the whole concept is still a failure. This isn’t just for blacks or african americans, there are other races that hoe their women out as well. I have two boys so I feel some security as to explain to them to stay away from these particular women. As for those who have daughters and would like for them to respected…hide them in the closet until they are 30. It’s crazy out here.

  • just so you know

    Jeez, lighten up people, this is OBVIOUSLY a joke article. It’s a friday, the weekend is here so let’s loosen our goose. Y’all still a bit too wound up.

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