For Discussion: After His Terrible Superbowl Performance Should Ben Roethlisberger Have Stayed His Punk A** Home Instead Of Booze And Karaoke??

- By Bossip Staff

He HAD to know this would come up if the Steelers lost the game.

According to TMZ reports:

After Ben Roethlisberger’s crappy performance last night … everyone’s been asking the same question — should he have stayed in Tuesday night and watched game film instead of boozing past midnight??

As TMZ first reported — Big Ben dropped $1,000 at a Dallas area piano bar … drinking rum and Diet Cokes with some teammates past midnight … while karaoking along with the Billy Joel classic “Piano Man.”

What say you Bossip nation?

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  • purple love

    What was he supposed to do sit home and cry cuz he didn’t win a 3rd superbowl at 28? O

    • Mimi

      Is Ben 28 years old? He looks a lot older than 28. A LOT older than 28.

  • LivingLegend

    damn let the man live, Is not like there is anymore games. The season is over, he put in work even when he was hurt most of the time. Is not like he never won it before. You can’t win it all the time. Big Ben do go hard in the mf paint.

  • white male

    What he should have done is shave that beard.

  • shake em

    Rapist says what?

    • Ben Roethlisberger


  • wannabene



  • Jessica

    Maybe they gave out championship rings for dog fighting….

  • Kyra

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  • Texas Strong

    LMAO@UPPERECHELON yeah diet coke n rum does sound odd for dude to be sippin LMAO

  • Thaddious


    Diet Coke, Ben?


    He Can’t Get Right!!! SMH

  • Steelers Pride

    Damn let the man relax.. he was not the only one in the Steelers team to mess up, DAMN! its enough he is blaming himself.

  • Sha Sha

    Boohoo, he’s a sexual predator…love the coach of Steelers

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