Top Ten Highest Paying Careers Not Involving A Ball Or A Mic

- By Bossip Staff

Regardless of what the society would like our sons and daughters to believe, athletes and entertainers are not the only ones making it rain in the salary department.

How else would the franchise players be getting the checks they get, if no one could afford the courtside seats?? Here are a few careers that could change your zip code.

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  • d.

    But you didn’t say not involving a pole or condems?

  • Troi Dustin

    Ehh…is I’m missing something? Entertainers make MILLIONS of dollars a year. All these careers are in the low six figures. You didn’t show one example of a career where you can make a seven figure salary. Investment banker…high end realtor…business owner…nothing. I make six figures and trust me, I am not ballin. This article is garbage.

    • Innocent_truth

      Shut the hell up! How are you on welfare making six figures?

    • I love love an Asian Man



    • Troi Dustin

      Shut up Innocent. Don’t hate because you aint.

    • codi

      Dude, first of all, what are you making six figures doing? “Is I missing something?” What kind of English is that. You sound retarded. If you’re making six figures doing something professional you must be in business for yourself cause no one would hire you with that kind of kindergarten speech. FYI: This an excellent article for those of us who can understand the concept, or general idea of what the author was trying to convey. Also, not all actors/actresses/singers make million dollar bank so maybe if you average out what the average person makes in those fields, it may very well be 6 figures or less. Think about it.

    • frankiestage

      Average entertainer, nor average baller for that matter, is making millions per year. Handful of susperstars might dock millions. But not the average players (google “average NFL salary” and multiple it by “average years in the league” and you got the LIFETIME football salary).

    • Tracy

      Ok, I make six figures too and make more than most married couples as a single mother. Don’t complain because you don’t know how to handle your money. If you make six figures in this economy, BE VERY VERY THANKFUL!


      i hear you but I think the point of the article was to get some peoples wheels spinning. There are alot of ppl who think a good read is coming on this site because they were exposed to very much. Maybe if they are ispired by this article then they will be encouraged to research or maybe even stubmle upon the careers you mentioned. THE GOAL IS TO GET A CAREER NOT A JOB

    • Marsonis

      Holy crap can you not read it distinctly says they are showing the AVERAGE salary those 7 figure jobs are exceptions not the norms….

    • Troi Dustin

      @ Marsonis Holy crap, can you read the title of this article. If so, you understand what my issue is. Careers that offer even an average salary of $100k/yr are NOT the top paying careers. I don’t care if 7 figure jobs are the exception and not the norm. This article’s title implied that the article would tell me me about those 7 figure jobs and it did not deliver.

  • 7lady

    Can you do a post in the 75k-100k area. I just want to know about the ones that don’t require as much schooling. I want to increase myself by 10 to 20 thousand and that little salary would do the trick.

    • chaka1

      Start your own business! That’s why I did…

    • Tracy

      That right there is the problem…folk don’t want to INVEST IN THEMSELVES and go to college or learn a trade. That’s where the money is…unless you have a natural born skill or can start your own business and hustle your way up legally. Youngin’s these days for some reason don’t want to do anything that requires much brain energy…oh well, continue to struggle in life then.

  • WithAllHonesty

    Investment bankers, realtors, business owners are paths with no longevity and staying/earning power strongly based on the economy. We’ll always need tons of doctors and scientist.

    I’m not trying to get in your accounts, but if you’re not “balling” making 6 figures whether at the low end of 6 figures or high end you might want to re examine your debts, expenses and investments–and not just your earnings.

    • Troi Dustin

      Get out my pockets! When I say, I’m not balling, I mean I don’t have NBA-type money, which is what this article’s title and intro led me to believe I was going to read about. I expected the article to talk about careers where you can make millions. Your point about the fact that the careers I pointed out are not stable proves nothing b/c neither are entertainment careers. I’m not knocking the article for telling us about good paying careers, I’m just saying these careers don’t pay you millions. An as for my debt, I have zero. As for my savings, they are close to six figures. However, COL in DMV is a b*tch and 6 figures does not = NBA baller-type status.

  • Mz PMP

    Infrastructure project managers that are PMP certified with a bachelors can make 100-160k

    • onesmartchickee

      Oh Hail to the Yes, an IT Consultant with multiple certifications and a PMP can easily earn over 300K. A college degree is required for every job paying more than 110K. My people, this is reality.

  • mk

    never knew there wuz other ways to make money!

  • Govt. Cheese

    If only the groupies were reading this post…

    The answer is HELL NO!

  • Asha

    Education is the path to success.. African American kids must aim to top 10 universities. period. forget about balls and rappers. u peeople need to wake up..

    • Tracy


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  • Mr. Watson

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  • Laura

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  • FlaggedPinked

    It’s good to have experience before hand so you can start at $100,000.

  • Troi Dustin

    It doesn’t take 10 yrs to make $100K. You can make that within 5 yrs, especially with a post-graduate degree in science/engineering.

  • candice

    CEO is a title, not a sector/career.

    Purchasing and Supply or Procurement should be on the list.

  • Scoops

    YUP! I am so glad they posted this article…but one thing that rang true amongst the majority of the careers is the NEED for a DEGREE and higher levels of education.

    People who make that kind of money in those fields deserve it because they paid the cost to be the boss! School is no joke…it is not easy. It takes alot of discipline.

    However, just because you make 6 figures does NOT mean you are balling…think about it in the terms of Quality of Life. The more money you make, the more things you acquire, the more BILLS you accumulate. 30-40 thousand dollars in credit debit is no punk…second mortgages taken for luxury cars can take it’s toll on your pay check. #imjussayin

  • Scoops

    IT professions make bread…trust me I know. But my engineering degree with my programming background allowed me to shift comfortably into the java development field. Being in the health care industry makes it even sweeter. GOD is GOOD ALL THE TIME!

  • Scoops

    What about Actuaries? I thought they made a pretty penny too.

  • Moanmyname

    What about nuclear medicine? That field make good money too

  • thad

    um, Pilots don’t make that much…..base salary a year is maybe 55,000+…..

    • DR.FUNK

      Actually…starting salary for commercial pilots is somewhere around 25-30k.With weak benefits.You could wait for DECADES to get a captains seat at a major airline…and your spot in the line gets moved back if a military pilot wants the job.

  • darly

    All of these are 6 figures… Show me jobs that will make me 7 figures!

    • Tracy

      Please…do you even make $50K your damn self?

  • WithAllHonesty

    If you make 6 figures and can’t turn your net worth or your accounts to 7 or 10 figures the problem is you. Not your career. If you CHOSE a job making only 6 figures and you really wanted 7, I repeat the problem was your decision, not your career field.

    My parents make anywhere from $120,000-180,000 (each) a year and reached the multi million dollar mark starting off with debt. What’s your excuse? We receive a salary, how you spend and invest is on you. If you’re looking to be wealthy, then its on you. You’ll never be wealthy working for someone else. But you can be rich or “ball.”


    Can’t argue with the concept of the article.Still the BIG MONEY will always involve TAKING A RISK and STARTING A BUSINESS.If you take a plumbing & electricity course…you can be a general contractor.Things will always need to be built.That’s 7 FIGURES if you hustle…8-9 FIGURES if you hustle & connect properly.Design & make items in Southeast Asia that wholesale for 5 dollars…sell them here in America for 100 dollars.That’s what Nike does.:-)


    I might that you can make 7FIGURES cleaning offices & stores.Things will always need to be cleaned.The people who make the big money in commercial cleaning hope you continue to think that kind of work is “beneath you”.They’ll just keep making the MILLIONS.

    • Tracy

      Problem is that most of the black folk in the cleaning business are not the owners.

  • chaka1

    We need more black lawyers, black doctors, blacks in high-tech and black business owners. You can also create wealth by buying property to hand down to the younger generation. Everyone should be reading Black Enterprise magazine.

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