Fraternal Biracial Twins, One “Light-Skinned” And One “Dark Skinned” Get Stares And Nasty Comments From Others

- By Bossip Staff

These little cuties look fine to us:

Some babies take after their mothers, others after their fathers and some it can be difficult to tell. But friends and family are having no such trouble with 17-month-old twins Triniti and Ghabriael Cunningham from Akron, Ohio.

That’s because, with odds of a million to one, light-skinned Ghabriael takes after his mother, Khristi, who is white, and dark-skinned Triniti takes after her father, Charles, who is black.

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  • Nick

    Ummmm their complexions are not that far off from each other. I can not see what is the big hoopla

  • libra6n7

    They are beautiful babies may god bless them.

    • Sanriobaby =^.^=

      I agree, these babies are adorable and it really doesn’t matter what others think. What a blessing to have twins when this mother has lost pregnancies in the past. As I always say, love has no color.

  • BeautifulBiracial

    Awwwwwww….cutie pie babies! Their parents did welll!

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Better take her on Maury

  • Chaka1

    They are adorable…


    I guess I could say a many things and comment on nymphis but I will not. The question I have is why this is an issue? This isn’t the first time this has happened and probably will not be the last. I know at least one set of boy twins that went through this and they should be about 40 years old by now. I wonder what they look like now and how they got through all the idiotic drama. You need to be worrying about whether to get a moped or bicycle with gas prices rising and if you will be able to eat fruit in the future because it too is on the rise. WTF….is this what turns people on? Irrelevant topics and more stupid answers.

  • BeautifulBiracial

    Looks like us biracials will be taking over the USA

    • ItsLikeThis

      Which means basically Black People will sure enough catch HELL cuz y’all are so ashamed of and hateful towards the black blood that runs though your veins it ain’t even funny. Prime example look at how racist the Italians(a mixed race)are. Let us all pray for the world if that happens.

    • Natalia

      Fact: You are not biracial so quit posing behind your pc and allow reality to set in…SMDH

  • purple love

    Why is this news? The boy has light hair n blue eyes other than that they look alike..somebody asked her was she sure her kids were twins? I woulda slapped her

  • mixed bad chick

    Well good morning to u too nymphis! Anyhoo, I don’t see the issue? They are fraternal twins and they always look different from eachother in some way. I mean they are biracial so the color variation shouldn’t be a big surprise. I’ve seen this happen with lots of kids. This isn’t a big deal, but its a story I guess.

  • Jay the Real One

    This is a b.s. made up story there is hardly difference in them.

  • Dae

    I don’t see the big deal these babies are precious.

  • that's crazzy crazzy

    Good Morning 🙂 yea you got me trolling and as usual your on point and on FIRE!

    My 3 light skinned sisters are awesome! But when I walk in to the room with my naturally wavy should length hair, flawless brown skin, naturally perfect white teeth, fawn brown eyes and our mom’s banging body they say Yes that’s our sister bishes! Bump all haters that don’t acknowledged everyone’s beautiful!

    • Lea23

      I agree That everybody Dont acknowledged everyone’s beautiful. I Bet You is Like The Next Halle berry Nice Skin Pretty Face And more. So have a Good After Noon.

  • tommykimon

    They are so adorable

    • JustAshley

      Aren’t they though?!?!

      I love how they chose to spell the names too.

  • JDub

    Stop it with the incorrect journalism!!! One is just light-skinned and one is dark-skinned. It is incorrect to say that one is White and one is Black. Both of them are biracial or multiracial. Please stop because you are going to have folks out the street spewing this incorrect b*s*. Signed, a 4th year medical student

  • Johnny'sgirl

    They are beautiful babies to be loved and cherished no matter what they look like. Honestly, I don’t understand the mentality of some people. What miserable, unhappy lives they must lead……

  • WATEVA!smdh

    not only do somtimes black twins are born with different skin tones but i’ve seen bi-racial twins where one was white& the other was black they dont always come out looking alike. just count ya blessings that they’re beautiful and healthy!

  • kayelove

    This happened in England a few years ago but on child was considerably darker than the other but at the end of the day they were both still considered bi-racial…. MEANING BLACK. WHO CARES THEIR COMPLEXION IT’S 2011 W/ A BI-RACIAL/ BLACK PRESIDENT

  • nymphis

    @that’s crazzy crazzy

    This baby oil is jus the prescription for your description.

  • daahlingnikki

    You should see my husband and his twin sister…She is dark and he is very light and both of their parents are black …It happens all the time and this really isn’t news…Good luck to this family and those precious babies…

    • Rhea

      Aren’t you gonna so mad when your baby comes out dark skinned?

    • Curious1 aka 2 My Hata's: My Middle Fingers Salute Ya

      I wonder if back in their day if the Darler sister got treated differently than the light brother…back then…if she had a complex

  • http://google Dee Dee01

    Y we always trying to question God’s miracles??!!

  • that's crazzy crazzy

    That blue eyed baby already got a a curly afro! Light skinned takes on a dull brown tinge as it ages! White hispanics latinas folks still going call you black biracials Lol

  • Rhea

    I know that black peasy beard n*gga is glad he has a blue eyed baby. He is gonna throw a fit when the “white” one darkens in a few months.

  • superjadakay

    I went to school with a set of twins and they were black, however one was light skin and the other was dark skin. what’s the big deal here?

  • Phytness

    The boy looks black, just that he’s light skinned. Plus, look at his nose! Also the girl is still light skinned she’s just darker than her brother. People are dumb and can be cruel for no reason. Those babies are gorgeous! Healthy black babies.

  • 7lady

    I can clearly see the lighter baby is mixed. I don’t know why they are saying it as though they have one black baby and one white baby. Now the girl does look full black but the boy looks mixed.

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