Fraternal Biracial Twins, One “Light-Skinned” And One “Dark Skinned” Get Stares And Nasty Comments From Others

- By Bossip Staff

The phenomenon happens because skin and eye color are determined by several different genes, rather than a single one, but the odds of producing twins that are so physically dissimilar incredibly high. Twins come in two types: identical, or ‘monozygotic,’ where one zygote splits into two embryos, and fraternal, or ‘dizygotic,’ which develop from two separate eggs which have been fertilized by separate sperm. Aside from being a very unique set of twins, Triniti and Ghabriael are quite the miracle for the Cunninghams; Khristi miscarried last year due to an incompetent cervix.

‘We just put it all in God’s hands,’ Khristi said in an article shared on the mixed race blog But she found that reaction amongst the blog’s community of readers to her and her husband’s story was surprisingly mixed, with several users leaving comments that their situation is ‘weird’ and that her babies will be ‘ridiculed their whole lives.’

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