The Real Real World: 5 Memorable Sistahs Made “Famous” By MTV

- By Bossip Staff

Say what you want now, but “The Real World” single-handedly eschewed in the reality TV craze.

In the beginning, it was all about painting a grim, but true portrait of everyday life for young people in this little, big world of ours. And while the show was able to do all that, it’s always had a crutch when it comes to diversifying. The few black people featured from season to season were often remembered as over-agressive brothas carrying around ticking time bomb tempers. With all that, the black women of “The Real World” haven’t fully received their due, and with the 25th season starting today, it’s about time.

They weren’t all positive role models, but they looked like us, were interesting, and were very real indeed…

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  • Well Well

    Kamillah from Real World Boston was the smartest.

  • Boondock Saint

    “Say what you want now but the Real World single-handedly ‘ESCHEWED’ in the reality TV craze.”

    Hey Madame, you meant “USHERED”, right? Before you try to use $30 words, make sure you know what they mean first, otherwise you sound like She-na-na trying to be an intellectual.

  • Shananigans

    OLD real world was soo good

    i loved coral the best


    Coral was mean as an African pit Viper, and Nicole was never seen again.

    Coral would probably punch her own mom in the face..LOL.

  • Mel

    Honestly, MTV has a penchant for using Biracial girls to fill the “black” quota. They had Kamilla(or was it Jamillah?), Cynthia from Miami, and a couple others who weren’t biracial. But then EVERY Black woman seemed to have to be biracial for us to have a presence on Mtv.

    From Coral, to Aneesa, to Bryn, etc. If they weren’t straight biracial, then they were at least light-skinned like Janelle or Tami. And btw-do they even SHOW Asians (specifically men) on that show?

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    I had a crush on Shavonda from Philadelphia.

  • Ladoodle

    I’m confused. I only saw about 1 Black woman on that entire list

  • u love me

    that was one of my favorite seasons!! David and his lame song!!! “C’mon be my baby tonight…c’mon be my baby tonight. i seen the way u treated other thugs u been with. C’mon be my baby tonight” LOL!!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Bossip is f*cking with me today :( :(

    It is Coral and she is #1

  • Real issh

    Tami was beautiful . She’s still pretty now .

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