Deion Sanders Says His Former Mentee Dez Bryant Needs Help Being A Man

- By Bossip Staff

Deion Sanders took a moment out of his day today to go in on his former mentee, Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant has recently gotten himself in a little trouble recently for acting up in a Texas mall after security asked him and his friends to pull their pants up (SMH):

Deion Sanders, who stopped mentoring Dez Bryant months ago, strongly criticized the Dallas Cowboys receiver in reaction to the criminal trespass warning given to Bryant over the weekend at a Dallas mall. “I’m upset but not surprised whatsoever,” Sanders said on The Ben & Skin Show on ESPN 103.3 FM in Dallas. Sanders described Bryant’s behavior at NorthPark Center on Saturday as “ignorant.”

Wow. Dez is on some bullshyte though:

The 2010 first-round pick was issued the warning after an off-duty police officer requested that Bryant and his friends pull up their pants because their underwear was showing and Bryant responded with repeated profanity, according to the police report. “I feel like the cop was in the wrong here more than anything,” Bryant told on Friday. “Don’t just make it seem like I went off and had a hot head for no reason. That’s the only thing I did wrong — I used profanity.”

Still Sanders said Bryant has issues stemming from his difficult childhood.

“He needs help. He needs help,” Sanders said. “I told the Cowboys from Day One that he needs help. Matter of fact, they have a team in place to help him. But you cannot tell a grown man what to do. I don’t have a problem with you lying to me. That’s one thing,” Sanders said. “But when you lie to yourself as a man, you have a serious problem and that’s where this kid is. And I can’t condone it. I really can’t. It tarnishes everything else I’m trying to develop in these kids [in his youth program]. I can’t allow you to poison other kids that I’m trying to mentor and take to another level.”

To which Dez replied:

“I wish Deion would come to me as a man and talk to me,” Bryant told “I’ve been reaching out to Deion. I’ve never done anything wrong to Deion or disrespected him. I’ve never lied to Deion.”

Well that sounds like a lot of drama, but if Dez doesn’t see anything wrong with him being a grown a$s millionaire man walking around the NorthPark Center mall with hisdrawls hanging out….then that guy does need help and perhaps a new mentor at that!

Yes this man definitely sounds like he needs some help in the “manning up” department, but ladies he’s not bad to look at…SMH.


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  • ArmyWife

    I agree with Deion and you have to give the man his props for putting this ignorant fool on blast!! We need more “mentors” for our black men, cause from where I sit…Dez is WRONG as all HELL for not seeing that saggy pants is offensive. And why would you use ANY type of profanity when “asked” to pull up your pants??? Wow, Judge Mathis come and get this fool!!!

    • Lucy

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  • jt

    ignorant kids and money will never change that. He probably will be destitute in 5 years after he stops playing football.

  • if anything be noble

    Sorry. Don’t see the need for Deion to blast DB on ESPN. Deion, talk to him in private but in public say the standard “I wish Dez all the best, he can turn it around, he has great talent, he will make it, blase blah…” We STAY talking about each other in the media like we can’t wait to take our stuff to the press. Meanwhile, Whitefolk are king and QUEEN of playing dumb, saying 85 thousand words while sharing no opinion of each another. Interviewer: “So, Fellow Whiteman, what do you think about Hitler? Any views on Jeffrey Dahmer? How bout the Craigslist Killer?” Fellow Whiteman: “Well… you know, Jack… I’ve never really thought about them ….but you know, they seem like such different, interesting guys who led extraordinarily fascinating lives each in various ways.” …da HECK?

  • Just A Thought

    Really Deion?? Aren’t u the reason Dez got in trouble at OSU? Aren’t you the NFL player who helped Dez violate NCAA rules?

  • jt

    he is ignorant trash and his mom was a prostitute.

  • Candid Canuck

    Some DL brutha ish to me… nah… I respect Deion helping the kids.. but the public spats sounds like something deeper than mentorship…

  • enlight

    Deion should have reserved some of those comments to a private convo w/ Dez. It would be one thing to tell the kids in his program what he thinks about such behavior, but to put it out there on radio was a bit much. They need to stop targeting brothas with sagging pants too….unless overweight men with saggy pants & ladies with their thongs spilling out the back of their pants will be too.

  • lala

    Saggin pants is not cute, invest in a damn belt. I see no problem with the cop sayin it. I’ve seen old women do it! Men need to start dressin like men and not thugs. You’re not little boys, people keep sayin he’s grown, then he needs to act like it.

  • WhySoSerious?

    yea yea yea, but does ne one see how good this dude looks? i mean really…no one was goin to say anything?

  • ArmyWife

    What Deion Sanders did wasn’t called “show boating”, it was called “MARKETING”…which he admitted in many interviews over the years. Now, how is having saggy pants going to get you paid “AFTER” the NFL? Is he coming out with a special type of azz sagging jeans for our future generations?? Is he promoting the prison look because that’s where a great majority (God forbid) of our beautiful black kings are heading? Just take a step back and think about it, what’s the point? What’s the benefit of it all?

  • Tcity

    Maybe they were cruising the mall for men and he got mad at the cop for hating.

    • ArmyWife

      @Tcity…LMAO and thank you for making me laugh this morning, that definitely puts a different spin on the issue. LOL


    The majority of our young men need help being man. They grew up with out men in their life’s and when a man finally comes around and try to help this they don’t want to hear. ALL MY BROTHA NEED TO WAKE UP – A MAN NEEDS A MAN TO BE A MAN. A WOMAN RAISING A MAN CAN NOT MAKE HIM A MAN. OUR WOMEN DO WELL RAISING OUR GIRLS, BUT WE NEED HELP WITH THE BOYS.

  • Hot_Tottie

    I don’t get it: Deion wants to tell this dude to man-up but instead of picking up the phone, he goes to the media? STFU!! This is what’s wrong with black ppl: if u think the man needs guidance, then offer it to him man-to-man. Why diss him in front of the camera? Is that manly? Or christian-like Deion? Whateva. SMH…

  • Men

    A real Man would have immediately complied with the officer’s instructions and then got all of the necessary officer id information taken the badge number, and then filed a complaint about the officer and kept it moving! Real men recognize bs and handle it accordingly.

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