Preciousness: Mommy Banger Halle Berry And Little Nahla Have Some Fun In The Sun

- By Bossip Staff

Halle Berry donned a ‘kini and a coverup to take Nahla out to Malibu yesterday.

Looks like fun!

More shots of the beach playdate when you continue…

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  • Gabriel

    Get my daughter out the sun! She’s white damn it!

    • kay

      two beautiful black women!

    • eddy girl


  • Joyce.Alexia.M

    Awwwww she reminds me of my little sis, just a little darker..Nahla is going to be tall and gorgeous.

  • http://bossip jmarie

    The feet ? She’s cute but she always had a lil monkey face ! Nice try tho ! Still cute none the less !

  • if anything be noble

    Lord, let these words of ridicule and hate against us ring in Your ears while You move to act on our behalf. Show Your might and Your strength today in the life of the one writing those words against us, WHEREVER IN THIS WORLD HE IS — You know — and act in a way that only You can to let him know it was You who moved to show him just how mighty and majestic You are and just how small and weak he is against You. Amen

  • if anything be noble

    If yall don’t feel like all that clickin, just click on 10. All the pics are under there. Lol

  • chimpout again

    my above comment simply means that i wish i could lick black women’s feet.

  • bouyant

    so cute! i want halle’s cover up, for my trip to the Caribbean.

  • mm

    not cute seen better looking kids.

    • severine

      THANK YOU!!

      Nahla is NOT the cutest kid out there, I never thought so and I don’t get the hype. Perhaps folks are being a bit color-struck?? Cuz I’m not seeing it.

      She’s a cute kid cuz she’s little and all little kids are cute in their own way. But nothing special other than being Halle Berry’s child.

  • thesaneone

    they are both gorgeous!

  • mm


  • mm

    Per comment from RADAR ONLINE,
    She found the whitest man to have kids w/ and the child came out black. Good luck next time.


  • if anything be noble

    @ Daisy Jay, there IS alot of exposure of them. …. Well, if Nahla grows up and has some violent tendencies, who can blame her because when she went to sit down on the big rocks on the beach when she was 3, they turned out to be paparazzi all rolled up in a ball. Smh

  • Lisa

    What a beautiful little girl, you can tell that she really adores her mommy. Nahla is going to be georgous, as for all the ignorant people you will be handled accordingly just don’t ask why.

  • RCG

    @”She found the whitest man to have kids w/ and the child came out black. Good luck next time.” A very ignorant statement since Halle said she considers her chid as black and Halle identifies as black. However, since we went there WHY do so many dark-skinned black men have babies with, no, SEEK OUT white women or have babies with the lighest brightest black women? Because many brothers don’t want babies as black as they are and that is for real.

    • mm

      A very ignorant statement = TRUTH. She wanted a white looking child.

      As for the BM/WM = TRUTH.

  • http://bossip Glow

    Whatever halle isnt white..she can perpatrate the fraud like she is but apparentley not…and to me

    That little girl is for halle no comments…you live and you not a fan of hers…but they seem to put her in the spot light alot and for what i dont know cause shes no beyonce or no nia long am just saying

  • Lacorsha

    Nahla is gorgeous. her hair has gotten so long. Halle should straighten it once in a while.

  • kay

    Halle does not have a flat *ss, no skinny lips and no pale skin. Looks like she is black to me.

  • anon

    The first pic is so dang precious

  • Sydney

    Lol @ the picture on the 3rd page… you can just imagine her going
    “Mhm mmmm”

  • http://google Dee Dee01

    Hey Halle,here’s some unsolicited advise,,Leave the “BOYS” alone 4 a while & raise that precious angel. The “BOYS” R in2 the IMAGE of U not the total package. Wait until u r much older-then u will no who loves the senior citizen “Halle”
    Spen “yo money & enjoy life. This advise was free .

  • Alex

    I thought maybe Nahla’s looks would change, but that kid really doesn’t look like what I call white. Funny how ppl who rail about the one-drop rule will call this kid mixed & the Obama daughters str8 blk! I don’t agree w/ forcing racial identities, but I have noticed ppl contradict their ideologies by doing that. I hope she avoids an identity when she grows older.

  • Alex

    *avoids an identity crisis

  • what ya say?

    Just a mother out with her child…what’s the big deal?

  • darealwifey

    Cutest baby in Hollywood.

  • thesaneone

    for the people saying she’s not that cute and shee needs to do something with her hair, you must all hate yourselves…

    jealousy is an ugly trait.

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