Gbagbo Must Go: Forces Loyal To Ivory Coast Presidential Claimant Bum-Rush Shady Leader At Home, In The Process Of Forcing Him Out

- By Bossip Staff

Forces loyal to Ivory Coast presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara on Wednesday stormed the residence of incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo who has refused to cede power, a spokeswoman for Ouattara forces told Reuters. “Yes they (Ouattara forces) are in the process of entering the residence to seize Gbagbo, they have not taken him yet, but they are in the process, they are in the building,” Affousy Bamba told Reuters.

Residents around the presidential palace in Abidjan’s Cocody neighborhood said they heard heavy gunfire and loud explosions coming from the direction of the palace. “I have seen from my building the FRCI fighters (Ouattara forces) in pickups and 4×4 jeeps rushing toward Gbagbo’s residence, weapons in their hands,” Alfred Kouassi, who lives near Gbagbo’s residence in Cocody, told Reuters.

“We can hear automatic gunfire and also the thuds of heavy weapons coming from the residence,” he said. Gbagbo representative Toussaint Alain, speaking to The Associated Press in a phone interview from Paris, said Gbagbo’s residence was being bombarded by the French army, but the French military denied the claim. “France will be held responsible for the death of President Gbagbo, his wife and family members and all those who are inside the residence, which is being bombarded by the French army,” he said, adding “there is a real danger” that Gbagbo and the others could be killed in the operation.

French military spokesman Thierry Burkhard denied that French forces were firing at Gbagbo’s residence, saying no French or U.N. operation was underway. France has helicopters patrolling Abidjan, helping guide ground forces and rescue people trapped in dangerous areas, he said. Gbagbo was hanging on to what little power he has left inside a bunker, encircled on all sides by soldiers loyal to his rival.

Diplomats said he had sent emissaries to negotiate, only to then refuse the proposals put before him. Although Gbagbo is cornered and his army is rapidly disbanding, getting him out of the bunker is not an easy matter. Forces backing Ouattara have received strict instructions to take him unharmed, said several members of the president’s cabinet.
After the evening newscast Tuesday, Ouattara’s private TV station showed the movie “Downfall,” which traces the last days of Adolf Hitler inside a bunker in Germany.

Presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara, photographed above with his wife, is married to Frenchwoman Dominique Folloroux-Ouattara.


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  • JayJay Growlings

    First they say he’s from Burkina Faso and now he’s married to a french chick…
    PS half of Africa hates france. they were the most shameless colonial masters EVER.
    the Brits were almost decent apart from the fact that the COLONISED US!!!

    • DR.FUNK

      Not saying colonialism was’nt bad for Africa & Africans…but black Africans have been in control of their countries for the most part for over 50 years now.In many cases-things have just gotten worse.Who’s fault is that?

    • JayJay Growlings

      yh DR FUNK thats true. africans are at fault for their inability to solve their problems. no wonder africa has so little respect. cuz we’re still blamin white ppl for the our problems when the rest of the world has moved on. its a shame.

    • daresay

      @Dr Funk

      I don’t know which country @JayJay Growlings is from, but in Nigeria, majority of us no longer blame white people, we hold our leaders responsible for whatever state we are in.

      The only problem we blame whites for is that they created so many of the so-called Nations of Africa today. Prior to European invasion, a Nation like Nigeria never existed. Europeans created Nigeria by merging so many independent Nations with different ethnic groups that never co-existed with each other, or were purely independent from one another, and called it one Nation.

      It’s like if the Arabs are to conquer Europe and then merge France, England, and Germany together and then called it Gerfrengland, it will take time for “Gerfrenglish” people to accept the culture of their colonizers, and then accept the new Nation created for them.

      And let’s say after some yeares when the Arabs finally allow the newly created Grefrengland their “independence”, and then they will hand over authority to the French speakers leaving the English and Dutch speakers at the bottom of the barrel. That’s a recipe for disaster, and it will certainly take more than 50 years for them to fully integrate with each other and accept each other without going into civil war.

      So yeah, 50 years is not so long if you take all things into consideration.

    • JayJay Growlings

      @daresay – ghana used to loan money to the gambia and other african nations. now we cant even build a road without kissing some 1st world azz.
      and nigerians dont blame white ppl for no problems cuz they cause their own problems!!
      and stop saying that 50 years is not long because ghana is 54 and so is malaysia. google the two countries and and look at their development. the two nations were both under the Union Jack but now….
      fraqncophones dont trust the french. and there were rumours of ouattara being from burkina faso. so sections of the public dont trust him. and a FRENCH woman on his arm is not going to help much.
      i really hope they stop fighting though!

    • Uhh yeah ok

      Just one point: His father is from Burkina Faso. He was denied twice before from even running because it was law that you must have both parents from there. That’s what I read just adding it into the pot.

    • daresay

      So are we not saying the same thing? Nigerians don’t blame whites, they blame their leaders. The leaders create the mess and it was IBB who ruined Nigeria, and practically legalized corruption. Ghana only picked recently after reforms from Rawlings, before then, Ghana was as corrupt as any another other Nation, and even till now, Ghana isnt so free from corruption. So what you are on about? These Nations need leaders who will reform them and build up the nation, not tribalistic leaders who only care about themselves and their ethnic groups. That was my point.

  • JayJay Growlings

    Gbagbo is an idiot. unnecessary bloodshed.

  • downtoearth

    can’t believe,even in africa our sisters are being let down by the “white wife syndrome”.

    • Hater

      aint that right!

  • Uhh yeah ok

    “Ouattara trained as an economist and worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Central Bank of West African States”

    Conflict of interest, could be why people don’t trust him as well.

    • LAPAIX

      Shady Gbagbo must GO. 10 years head of the country and him and his sbires are richer than OPRAH now and the Ivory Coast is poor more than ever. Outtara is old money and reallllly bright. He would do great for this country. Now him liking a white woman has nothing to do with his skills. To each his own….

    • Uhh yeah ok

      Lol I never said anything about the white woman. I could care less about who people date or marry. I’m just giving more info.

  • yvonne

    Its about time, they could have this long time ago, smh african leaders are too greedy.

  • Hello President Sarah Palin

    STAY TUNED! This shizzit gets funnier everyday 🙂 Get ready for some Marie Antonette letting “eat cake” madness 🙂 Clarence Thomas and Sarah Palin will be ruling the Ivory Coast!


    Gbagbo is corrupt & murderous.Will this Ouattara be any better?


    Ouattara WON the election. Gbagbo started killing people to stay in power.What more should we know?

  • Johar From Algeria

    Ivory Cost Constitutional Council confirmed that Gbagbo won the election, then, Ouattara claimed that there were fraudulent votes in the south controlled by Gbagbo and Gbagbo claimed that supporters of Ouattara, who control the north of the country, intimidated voters. In this case, you need a recount of the votes but you don’t send the former colonizer to bomb the country and choose who’s gonna be the president.
    The international community is supporting Ouattara but his rebels killed nearly 1.000 people in Duekoue.

    Que Sarkozy et ses zbirs qui prennent plaisir à mettre l’Afrique à feu et à sang crèvent en enfer. Pour eux, la vie d’un africain vaut bien moins que celle d’un rat.

  • marquis2sade

    @ Dr.Funk, ouattaRAT won the elections according to WHO? according to the FRENCH IMPERIALIST & THE CORRUPTED and BIASED UNITED NATIONS or according to THE IVORIAN SUPREME COURT? dude if u ain’t got none better to say, then proceed to shut the hell up

  • marquis2sade

    @ Dr.Funk, ouattaRAT won the elections according to WHO? according to the FRENCH IMPERIALIST & THE CORRUPTED and BIASED UNITED NATIONS or according to THE IVORIAN’S SUPREME COURT? dude if u ain’t got none better to say, then proceed to shut the hell up

  • jt

    the other side are medieval muslims.

  • if anything be noble

    @ Johar; “Pour eux, la vie d’african vaut bien moins que celle d’un rat.” — agreed, sadly. the heart of the matter.

  • Getem

    Spot on.


    Who is “they”?



    Okay my friend…help me understand here.Are you saying Gbagbo is justified in killing his own people to stay in power?
    Are you saying that the court is justified in overturning the popular vote? A vote that Gbagbo LOST?

  • Ben

    RAW you do speak the truth that the West continues to exploit Africas mineral wealth,set up corrupt banks to ensure that corrupt leaders have somewhere to put there STOLEN money, provide military support to brutal leaders.
    But we can all think for ourselves and the complete lack of forward thinking and planning by the leaders is killing the continent.We now have the Chinese moving in to exploit the continent.
    African leaders fail to realise that Africa is so rich that we could and should be in charge no black person anywhere should be living in poverty, our children should not be failing in schools, the oil, gold, diamonds,platinum to say nothing of the coffee, sugar, cocoa, tobacco make billions but where is that money going.We have to hold our leaders accountable and people in Africa cannot fight the battle alone.

  • Hello President Sarah Palin

    I bet you $50 that you won’t personally throw a brick threw a broken window! That rant was NOT INFORMATIVE! Pick a side and go join the action. Blotting does not help the war efforts.

    • RAW

      informative to you because you are too dense to be informed! I don’t have to pick a side, I’m not Ivorian,and I’m sure even you are aware of the non medling in the elections of a sovreign state. But I am West African, and have worked in the Civil Service for many years, so I probably do have a better grasp on what is behind many of the political situations that are cropping up in Africa. Africans should and will work out their issues by themselves, particularly the political ones…. that does not prevent us from trading in goods and services with any country that is willing, and on an even playing field. One must have an understanding of the world trade environment, as well as the world political economy, to even understand my so called rant.
      We have had good leaders and bad leaders… was George Bush a good leader when he told the World lies about WMD in order to cause mayhem and destruction to the people of Iraq? ALL FOR OIL… where he and hius cronies benefitted… What about Cheney who is involved in all sorts of dubious companies in Africa….. Are these the people to help us put our continent right? Arrant Nonsense!


    So then you’d rather have brutal corrupt African dictators who mismanage the national treasury,make their friends rich, and kill their own people? Really? If Ouattara is supported by the French…then who was Gbagbo supported by? Was he any good for the country?

  • Hello President Sarah Palin

    Have any of you African Americans ever been to any part of African? Worked there? Been stationed at a military base there? Lived with the people? Or went to school in a African nation? Seriously you wont come back to the USA with warm stories of brotherhood. The want Oprah and that school gone too!

  • Snuss

    It’s the same situation with blacks in America. Go to any blighted area with a majority black population and you’ll see many overpaid “community leaders” and “local administrators” riding in Mercedes Benzes and Cadillacs, all the while complaining about how “it’s so hard” to get anything done in the community “because we don’t have enough money”.

  • Ben

    I have lived in South Africa and Zimbabwe and visited Swaziland.The African people are very welcoming and do treat outsiders well.They may not have much but there is alot of generosity.If some people there have turned to a life of crime and violence they merely get set the example from those at the top but I do recommend that African Americans visit Africa.

  • http://. Sir Nose DEVOIDofFUNK

    Notice how the French only war in Sfrica these days where they have far superiour weaponary.A french wife ? mmmmm . . . White women must really be the black mans Krytonite.


  • Hello President Sarah Palin

    Seriously Ben…everytime I hit USA soil I say God Bless American and gives us everything we need to defend our borders from ALL attackers. USA got some stuff going on but yall in serious denial about the motherland and the love you all claim the people have for you.

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