SMH: 10 Rappers Who Let Jail Mess Up Their Money

- By Bossip Staff

Being a rap star seems like the life. Unfortunately, a limitless amount of money, hos and clothes isn’t enough to ensure the industry’s brightest acts stay on the stage and out of the clinker. Here’s a list of rapper’s who’ve let illegal activities cut into their cash flow.

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    • Truth

      Blacks will never learn.

    • Sara

      My friends told me about — SearchingM illionaire* C0- M —–told It’s the be’st pl’ace to me’et Milli’onaire si’ngles. It is the first and best club for wealthy people and their admirers. D’ating CEOs, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, professional models and cheerleaders, and even Hollywood celebrities is an easy experience there…you don’t have to be rich ,but you can meet one there. 😉
      nice experience——-

  • Sir Nose Devoid of Funk

    gives them street cred plus they learn how to cook ramen noodles-n-spam over a tissue paper fire stove.

  • Mystyri


    WAKE UP!

  • HOT G.R.I.T.S


    Co-sign. They didn’t play by thr rules n hold up that oath.

    Sold your souls n still ended up broke.

  • MacMoon

    Lil Kim is a real bytch!!!

  • nursedred

    Lil kim is real stupid. She could have said ‘i don’t know’ not ‘i ain’t snitchin’ and saved herself

  • Juliemango

    Not every1s cutout fot the oath, ultimately an action is required!!!

  • rene

    Wasn’t it drugs that ruined him? Hopefully DMX can be healed and continue in his art.

  • Teena

    Shyne was PUFFY’S FAULT!!!!!

  • Teena

    Hope Remy will drop an ablum when she is released…

    • ElGee

      Remy Ma was looking real shook in that flick. She’s looking like she knows that she’s about to be turned out by one of those (in the words of Meth) “beastly looking broad” type studs & she’s not quite ready…..


    I love DMX. I truly wish he’d get it together instead of acting like the typical male Sagitarrius.

  • Mr. Mike

    Some of these never had no major money–Remy and shyne

  • huhsaywhat?

    Gucci was arrested again TODAY :-/

  • jdmann

    Easy come easy go

  • maru-chan

    That fool named himself c-murder and that shht came true SMH

    If I had a rap name that shht would be glorious queen of the earth and I’d hope for that shht to come true lol

  • maru-chan

    I love snoop’s purse ^.^

  • mary

    Love that pic of mystikal. Remy Ma, never really cared for her. I guess she had to do something to stay “relevant”.

  • Koons Kuantity Kontrol

    Great entertainment, like visiting a zoo.

  • Makeida Singer

    There are so many people like me, who are working really hard to make it and then you get artist that throw it all away once they make it just for foolishness!! That’s messed up.

  • uhohitslelani

    Wheres BOOSIE BAd AZZ?? forgot about him already aye

    • BlackLightning

      I agree. Lil Boosie should’ve replaced Snoop on that list, because Snoop has never spent any real time in jail while being a rap star. He’s been arrested and in court a lot, but has done no real time. White people love him too much to send him to jail.

  • undressingHER

    Snoop’s money was never affected by doing a bid. Wait, he never did a bid, he just got arrested.

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