A “Lil Positivity” Justin Bieber Wants To Build Schools For Children Worldwide

- By Bossip Staff

Justin Bieber may be out of school and on the road, but he still understands the importance of education.

The teen heartthrob has teamed up with Pencils of Promise (PoP) and posted a video (as first seen on Us magazine) to challenge his fans and society to help give back to education in a campaign called Schools4All. Bieber and nonprofit founder Adam Braun would like to see a slew of people make their own personal fundraising pages to raise money among their community so that Pencils of Promise can continue to build schools and educate others.

“There are more than 75 million children without access to education, and together we can do something about it,” the website reads. “Through our new Schools4All campaign, we’re asking you to join the PoP movement that empowers lives around the world by building schools for children in need. It is by bringing together communities at home, that we can collectively impact communities abroad.”

The campaign runs from April 15th through June 30th, and one lucky participant will get a personal visit from Bieber himself at the school of their choice.


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    Untill he gets older and turns into Aaron carter.

    • Truth

      LOL,he’s just a fad. Being popular can only last for so long.

  • itsbrittneybitch

    youre turned on by a little boy…..

  • if anything be noble

    Justin Bieber needs to build a school for Justin Bieber —- ‘The Justin Bieber School for Justin Bieber.’ smh Or better yet, build you The Bieber Dancing School for the Bieb. Awhile ago I was clicking through channels and Ellen was on and this boy was on there and little girls were screaming and crying and holding up signs and carrying on and he heard the music and all of a sudden he JUMPED on the table like he caught a beat and it was feelin good to him and he was getting ready to rock it, and this child began movin… movin like he was being tazed and having a slow motion seizure. Here I was all ready to see him start takin off in some Michael Jackson poppin and moonwalkin or something (since I had never seen him before) and I was like this is Bieber Fever? Really? #justinsitdown

  • katie

    Im only 2 years older. And no smarty pants..im not turned on by him but his still cute

  • if anything be noble

    ..but hey — if all that fever allows you to be worth 100 million dollars and build some schools around the world, that’s great, I guess. #youcanstandbackupnow #thrasharoundchile

  • speaking of this ish...

    good..i hope some of his 100 million is going forward to those schools..

    • lollipopsa

      lol i thought the same thing all these celebs are living infact of the money the public gives to them and with all the artist outthere and ofc job crisis with they popu face still wants the public to spent even more of their own money to a good cause while they just pose for a compain to probly even get paid from that aswell and some people outthere talking crazy bout jobs this and money this while the celebs have no worries at all and if they do they still try to make come backs and get money from the public. if lil girls need to choose from a bieber cd (while they can get on the internet for free smh) or a good cause we all know where the money are going Jbieber is like most hungry celebs money wolfs why ask the public to donate if u have money enouf to donate for all the people that are going to donate. many things changed since 1900’s (this is a vent 🙂

  • american schools need help!!!

    Illegals parents kids over crowding our schools and free lunch programs we need help! Its a lie about their jobs helping the economy. 10 KIDS TO A FAMILY…..They get $50,000 in free food, housing and health care….teachers getting laid off AMERICA NEEDS HELP!

  • Chrissy

    I wish this kid could just go away like who does he think he is ?

  • gray

    He can build all the schools he wants,that’s not the issue. There are plenty of abandoned buildings out there that can be turned into schools. Where is the funding going to come from ? Is he is going to personally fund every school ? Pay the teachers who are being laid off left and right,what about books (which are always very limited)? Buses to get the kids to and from, meals,adequate gyms etc ? Its nice in theory but I need to see it in practice. I would like to also see if all the money actually goes to these community built schools. Make me a “biebeliever”

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