Famous Fans Show Up To Watch Helpless From the Sidelines As Celtics Slaughter Knicks On Their Home Court

- By Bossip Staff

Knicks fans haven’t seen a home playoffs game in seven years and if last night was any indication, they probably could have used a couple more years of preparation. The mostly injured (or wack… word to Landry Fields) New York team fell to 0-3 in the series to Boston in a disappointing 113-96 loss. The Celtics also made history last night with Rajon Rondo grabbing a triple-double and a Celtics franchise playoff record 20 assists, while teammate Paul Pierce scored 38 points on 14-of-19 shooting and Ray Allen collected 32 points, drilling 8-of-11 from 3-point range.

La La pretty much summed up the devastation with this courtside tweet:

Lots more pictures from the game below:

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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    LMAO @ the Knicks… Knicks fans should just go into hiding

  • clarkthink

    Now if they can only get Carmelo and Stoudemire to show up we’ll have a game!!

  • natasha

    awww, the wonderful TitΓ­ Henry, playing now for NY Red Bulls. LOVE LOVE LOVE this man as a football player… come back and play the beautiful game in Europe, at Arsenal, where you belong!

  • sir nose devoid of funk


  • http://bossip.com Hi HO!

    Is that what Amare was talking about when he said Madison Square Garden is the new Staple Center with there D-List Celebrities f*ck outta here lmao.. LA got Denzel Washington,Tom Cruz. Will Smith,Ice Cube, Justin Timberlaker,Tom Hanks,Jim Carey,Jack Nichols but Imma stop there lmao. And the knicks got Tracy Morgan Hustle Man. Really,? Amare Lmfao..

  • Toya

    La said “tough loss”. That was not a loss that was an all out slaughter…..

    Way to go Celtics!!!!

    I’m a Celtics fan, but I thought to myself “are these guys even trying…this is the playoffs for God’s sake” It takes a team when it comes to playoff you can’t just rely on one or two people.

  • Nephew Ruckus....

    This is what happens when you give all the money to 2 people and fill the rest of the roster with pieces of sh*t. Landry Fields and Jared Jeffries have got to be two of the worst players in the ENTIRE nba right now.

  • deesmart

    GO Celtics (Beast of the East)

  • sportstalk23

    The Celtics got in that azz, after two close games I thought the Knicks would have a big game at the Garden, that was until the game started lol

  • ayo

    spike lee might have an heart attack in game 4. The knicks are useless, they need to change their Jersey. That Jersey is the problem; the knicks jerseys are not inspiring at all, they are very dull.


    They should never have brought Bubbled nosed, tar baby Melo to the Knicks. He and his manly looking monkey of a wife are bad Karma.

  • Honut Sinti

    Straight jackets on the house for everyone!

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