Athletes & Hoes: Before She Was Mrs. Bosh, Was Adrienne Williams Just Another Jumpoff?

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, they’ve barely been married two weeks and folks are already throwing salt.

Rumor has it that Chris Bosh fell victim to that “groupie love” when he wifed up Adrienne “Short Stacks” Williams.

Every baller worth his salt in Atlanta knows who Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne, is. She was a fixture in the VIPs at Vision and Velvet Room nightclubs back in the day. Every pro athlete has made eye contact with her at some point in time.

According to my sources, Adrienne was a very well-maintained groupie who spent all her available cash on Delta buddy passes to follow the professional teams from city to city. If you didn’t have at least 6 zero’s in your bank account, she wasn’t hollering at you.

Bosh knew all of this, of course, but he still married her anyway.

Damn son! The buddy pass though? That’s a low blow. These folks are saying Adrienne married Chris Bosh for his money and not for love! SMH. After all, what’s not to love about ol’ Cry Baby?

We’ve seen enough “Basketball Wives” to know that if this is true, Adrienne is more of the rule than the exception. These broads might as well start a damn Gold Digger dating service the way they jump from player to player.

That said, if you were Chris Bosh, would you have wifed her?


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  • ProudLatina

    Shes so cute and little! IDK s she might like other things too besides his $$$$ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • kevin o

      Shouldn’t the correct term be “JUMP ON” versus a “JUMP OFF?”

    • PalestLatina

      If that insane Melo could marry that big nosed, big lipped bald headed BURNT BORICUA ape in a weave LALA then surely this gay man deserves a wife.

    • Sanchez

      Can u blame him? She’s fugly as they come. But PoortoRicans usually are.

    • alicekii85

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      Ho tBl ackwh ite โ„ƒโ—‹M with other single black, white girls and men in your city.. It is my favorite club for mixed love….
      — HotBlackwhite* c0M — ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • whodat

      PL, you went in hard on LaLa. I agree she is not very attractive but dang. lol

  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    Nope I wouldnt have wifed her shes not that cute anyways…That gay dude just needed to get the gay rumors off his back so he did this

  • bre


    • FaReelDoe

      ooohhhhh!!! LMAO. U stoopid – LOL . Damn that was fun e though. Gurl betta git it! LOL

  • so what?

    I doubt anyone is surprised by this. With what we know about sports stars nowadays, I don’t know why women still want them. I’d rather take my chances with a regular man…on Wall St ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sitali

      @so what? Damn I’m feeling you on dat 1! A real man with a MBA ya feel me?

    • T3P

      He is a rich man who doesn’t come from money and like most sports stars will cheat on her. She is a groupie who likes hard cash and will play her part. I wouldn’t wife her, but as long as she keeps fine and stays with him when he cheats, and he pays her way then its all good. They both know what they are getting into.

  • Naaa

    I hope for her sake she doesn’t do this basketball Wives Show….!

    We all know it would end up in Divorce!

  • big c

    To stand in front of your family friends and the heavenly father and lie saying you love this man or women is wrong. One day we all will face judgement and the truth shall come out.

  • Oh_Please

    You took this straight from Sandra Rose!!!!!!

    • YokoDMV

      right! and i doubt one of the biggest haters in america aka sandra rose even knows adrienne or should be considered a source…

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Who knows…it’s not like those athletes go for us regular girls’ anyways. They can have it LOL

  • jay32

    I would’ve smashed and gave this chick the boot..they don’t look like a couple in any of the pictures I’ve seen of them together..Most women who date/marry athletes are gold diggers in my opinion anyway.

  • Cuda Love!

    HE look like a child molestor standing next to her ..All them tall fine models you pick lil pinky ..Ohh i forgets they probably dont want this girly man crying on they shoulders after a regular season lost..cuz he soo soo soo bytchdified!

  • EZRawlins

    “Most women who date/marry athletes are gold diggers in my opinion anyway.”

    How do women win? I’m not defending this chick – and I’ve seen enough ‘BBall Wives’ to form healthy suspicions about some of these women – but seriously, how do women win? If they marry someone of means then they’re considered to be a gold digger; if they marry a regular joe guy then they’ve lowered their standards. And this label only seems to apply to women who marry athletes and entertainers. How about women who marry corporate titans, princes, etc.? Are they also gold diggers? Bill Gates, Prince William, etc. have to marry SOMEBODY and they’re not gonna find someone as rich/wealthy as themselves, so who should they marry?

    Tricky stuff…

    • jay32

      I consider most women who date/marry athletes because they know that there is probably a 95% chance that he is going to cheat on you..The likelihood of that a marriage lasting with a corporate titan is much greater b/c more than likely he isn’t in the limelight,and women aren’t constantly throwing themselves at him..Why marry someone when you know the chances of him or her being faithful are very slim

    • exotica

      @EZravlins – i totally agree with you

      @jay 32. regular joes cheat all the time. the wife just doesn’t find out because he’s not in the public eye. i would rather be with a rich cheater than a broke cheater

  • radmila

    I totally agree with Kim. He’s got to know what’s what, and so does she.

  • Candid Canuck

    why the hell not? u live once. cant be tip toeing on everything in life you’ll miss the world below

  • wendy

    Its Chris decision…Honestly, I think people shouldn’t worry about it. They look like a cute couple and I hope the marriage last.

  • TriniSazon

    who cares ..if he really thinks she married him for love then hes a fool …& if she really thinks he’s straight then shes a fool too .. sounds like the perfect marriage to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • PalestLatina


  • Dee

    Sounds like whoever is talking smack about her is just hating.

  • sportstalk23

    According to some posters over at the site lipstick alley, which allows people with legit info,gossip and groupies,jumpoffs,babymommas,family friends,wives,exes, etc can post info anonymously. Several of them said that this Adrienne chick posted over that board inqiuring info on Bosh ,and hooking up with him. Poof now look few years later their married, coincidence I think not

  • jdmann

    One man’s hoe is another man’s housewife hopefully Chris is not listening to the nonsense.

  • Steelcitychick

    I could care less if this chick beats Chris for all the money he has! In fact I hope she does! SMH…..A fool and his money soon parted!…Dumb azz!

  • Janay

    Why is this a suprise? Everybody knows how captain save a ho and turn her into a wife is a rich black man’s dream come true. Lol I digress…. EZ rawLins there is a clear cut difference between having low standards and being a gold digger. A woman that demands dating a man for money that she herself does not financially have, (as Adrienne is accused of) is a gold digger. A woman who dates a man who is a thug no goals irresponsible and no legal job or car has low standards. A woman who finds a good man who is responsible, hard working OR has very strong potential to have those characteristics in his prime is a keeper. That doesnt make you have low standards but it makes you a virtuous woman with good judgement.

    • exotica


      I disagree. Never date a man just because of his potential. How many women stand by their man on the โ€˜come upโ€™ then when heโ€™s made it, he upgrades her. Adrienne is doing nothing wrong.
      we all have reasons for dating someone else. Heโ€™s a grown man, Iโ€™m sure he knows that he has more money than her. She stands to gain financially, Thatโ€™s obvious. She must be doing something right. No one forced him to marry her
      seems like women can never win.
      โ€˜EZrawlinsโ€™ is exactly right.

  • Janay

    Correction: The worlds ho is a black mans housewife. Im just saying fellas. IJS.

  • jm@gic (Trini americans unite)

    Arent they all,anytime a woman sleeps with a guy because of fame,money,success shes a jumpoff…i dont care if its highschool,college or pros,women especially black women wanna act like they were there from the beginning,but they wont give a regular dude a chance

  • WTF

    i don’t care what anyone says THAT MAN GAY!

  • team nymphis

    dam this hoe done smashed rugby,soccer players,badminton,polo all types of athletes.track & field, swimmin…

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