All Hail The Greeks Pt. 2: Alphas And Sigmas

- By Bossip Staff

Thurgood Marshall – Alpha Phi Alpha – A little bit of history: he’s the first African-American on the Supreme Court. He was also the lawyer for Brown V. Board of Education. He’s a winner for real.

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  • KGDC

    There are more of “us” who have never crossed and have done EXCEPTIONALLY well. I’d caution anyone to join a frat on some idea that it’ll make you more of who you are. Either way, I don’t begile my frat friends, I just never saw the need (and still don’t) to ever have that need to wear or claim anything greek.

    • Divine

      Well obviously these outstanding brothers saw the value in joining a lifetime bond to enhance their life’s journey and experience. To each its own.

    • Velocity Style

      Don’t hate Money, being great blessed my life in more ways than you could ever imagine. While there are certainly more non-Greeks than Greeks, when you consider those that are there has to be a benefit!

    • hair

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  • ItsWhatever

    I’m sorry, but why does Cornel West always look terrified??????

  • Divine

    George Washington Carver is another noted Sigma man.

  • James Hidalgo

    KGDC needs to stop hating…It’s patently obvious that more non-Greeks are just as successful as greeks…The ratio of Non-Greeks to Greeks is such that there are infinitely more of them than there are NPHC greeks…A more appropriate measure would be to gauge what percentage of Greeks maintain high GPA’s and go on to fulfilling careers vs. Non-Greeks. You really were obtuse in formulating that response, brother. What a useless comment…You’re probably one of those interests who couldn’t get on/were afraid of the process…Stop with the back-handed insults and be a man…On that note:

    A Phi!!!!!! 06!!!!!

    • (_Jasmine_)

      Yes, that certainly must be the case(sarcasm)…

      Sisterhood and/or brotherhood= priceless semester payments for friendship…How awesome…!!!(sarcasm) …

    • Sashayblack

      Jasmine, it’s not to buy friendships, it’s to buy and commit to a NETWORK of educated and professional people. Similar to being a part of a trade organization, but with the swagga of beautiful black people and benefits of a few life long relationships.

  • stl

    Im sorry, but the whole “lifetime bond” thing, sounds gay as hell!, But, to each his own!

    • dragongirl

      You’re ignorant. It’s a brotherhood…just like the Masons etc. How is that GAY idiot??? It is better to appear ignorant than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt…which is your case…

    • Sashayblack

      That’s the problem with too many black men…They have these sad and distorted perceptions of masculinity. Any show of unification or brotherhood appears to be sexual.. How absurd and to the detriment of our community.

  • worldstarpimp


  • cedar hill

    Know your history. Masons started the first Greek organization because they couldn’t pledge the white fraternities. Not sure why people think Greek makes u more important since we copied the white folks. Blacks don’t even like each other half the time. Don’t mention the outright hazing that pledges are subjected to. Tell me, what does humiliating yourself and losing self respect have to do with sister or brotherhood. Give these young sisters and brothers a written test in order to cross over instead of stepping and stomping around making a spectacle of yourself.

    • ImmaLetYaFinishButUhhh...

      I wasn’t hazed nor was I humiliated during my intake process. If anything, I learned a lot about my sorority and the other Divine Nine organizations. The biggest part was volunteering and being part of the community that you help out.

      The networking definitely helps post-graduation.

      So, I agree that we all should learn our history, but don’t paint it all with a broad brush and not speak of the perks of joining a BGLO.

    • Castaway1914

      cedar hill, it is clear from your statement you have no clue of history. Phi Beta Kappa (1st greek lettered org) was not created by masonry. Many of the founders of BGLO were masons, elks, etc. The majority of the BGLO were founded at HBCU’s so explain to me how white people wouldnt let blacks pledge. That would have been the issues at Cornell, Indiana, and Butler University.

  • MsCleveland

    Skee Phi to my Apla Brothers!!!! Shout out to Sigmas!!!

  • ImmaLetYaFinishButUhhh...


    YOU KNOW!!

    Shout out to my Sigmas and do it, Alphas!

  • mddiva37

    Hill Harper was giving relationship advice on The Real Housewives of Atlanta to Cynthia and Peter. It was weird because we didn’t know he was a relationship expert. IS he even in a relationship.

  • clarissa

    Alpha married Zeta made beautiful babies 🙂

  • Sinna

    BLUUUUU PHIIIII…..mayne f!ck dat shyt… Its about dem Q DAWGS jumpin and barkin all over your colors…

    Bloody Rho Chapter

    • ImmaLetYaFinishButUhhh...

      Give respect, stupid. This ain’t a pissing contest.

  • Illuminate Truth "GroupThink Brings Death to Free Thought"

    smh @ “Historically Black Greek….”

    D@mn, we might be smart if we weren’t so busy being dumb. When we learn to take each others back WITHOUT attaching some krakka label to it (frats, sororities, masons, etc.) we might get somewhere.

    Its time to redefine “success”.

  • E$

    legalized gangs….This seperates us not unify us

  • Scoops

    OOOOooookay…..this is a touchy subject for me. First of all, I did not appreciate the “separation” that the organizations caused amongst black people. Being from a school that is and was not predominantly black, separation amongst races was the norm. So…amongst this separation we cause even more within.

    Second….I did not establish the bonds that are spoken of….the sisterhood. To be honest, the people that I am close to are the ones that I knew before….
    I believe the Sororities/Fraternities are more of a corporation with investors of the same purpose. And their purposes are the betterment of our communities and our overall lives as Black People. There is nothing wrong with that. Just like there is nothing wrong with if you choose not to invest and still work towards the same cause.

    I hate the separation amongst a people who are mentally separated from the beginning.

  • Soooo Sweet 1920

    Well, Z-PHI! I see you Frats! I Love My BLU PHI as well as the rest of the divine 9, masons, eastern stars, bloods, crips, republicans, democrats, east coast, west coast…lol. Truly, can’t we all just get along??? If you didnt choose to be a part of an organization, thats fine. More power to you. Everyone has their own reason for either joining or not joining. Mine were Scholarship, Service, Sisterly Love, and Finerwomanhood; the same principles that i had PRIOR to joining the organization. We have this statement in the D9..Make the letters, dont let the letters make you.

  • Ben

    How come you have not done a story about Michelle Obamas commencement speech at Spelman, showing your true colours ossip.

  • sororlundenee-yip

    Its not separatist if you promote unity between BGLOs as an individual.And in terms of paying for friends, if you were to see where the money for dues actually went…you’d feel pretty dumb. Can’t tell you how many chapters per city fund educations. If you were to join, your books, your tuition, your conferences, your living expenses would come less from your pocket and more from your orgs’. But again, you bash what you don’t understand…cause you listen to the media’s depiction of what this is. You keep trying to find ways to justify why it has to be stupid to join, but the reality is…its more ignorant not to be a part of something that holds Black people to such high standards of character.

  • GoldengirlNY

    @ sinna your the immature que”dog” that they only let out to growl at the parties right? Respect to al frats, not necessary to put one down, to make yourself look better. On that note….. Z-Phiiii! Love to my Sigma brothers.

  • johnny wishbone

    what makes black people call themselves greeks?

  • ManUp

    The even more interesting thing would be to see how many famous blacks are out there who’ve joined non-african american frats and sororities…

  • FactCheck

    John Lewis is a Congressman- a member of the House or Representative. He is not a Senator.

  • lunden

    @ManUp That’s a great idea for an article

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