Isn’t He Married? T-Pain Says He’s In Love With Singer Ke$ha”, Follows Her To Vegas

- By Bossip Staff

T-Pain may be looking to make “beautiful music” with Pop singer Ke$ha now that he’s confessed his love for her to the world.

The head of Nappy Boy ENT took to his Twitter account over the weekend to tell fans that he was “in love” with the “Tic Toc” singer and unexpectedly received a brash of criticism.

β€œLast night I found out I’m in love wit @Keshasuxx,” he wrote Sunday.

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  • Br!ng It Back


    • benz

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    • kalifa

      publicity stunt 😦

      but its not like anybody crushes on either of them….they’re free to hook up and nobody would care πŸ™‚

      both look smelly 😦

  • pashunfruit


  • Blue Moon

    Both of them look like they smell soooo they can reek together

  • sas_sy

    not a good look….smh =/


    when he was on Howard, according to him, he and his wife are in an open marriage equipped with strip club visits, 3 ways & errrythang! :mrgreen:

  • HI HO!

    Ummm, T-Pain ain’t you married what’s going on.. What is wrong with these men this decades shesshhh keep yo D*** in your pants.. SMH!! And of course Kesha have he seen this chick in a bikini.. He’s gon change his Mind. Spongebog shape..

  • funny gal

    kanye, t-pain, no surprise, what is else is new when u $$$

  • TriniGlamazon

    He obviously hasn’t seen her in a two piece! EEEWWWW!!!!!!

    • tommykimon

      I know she’s shaped like Spongebob. He knows she lives in a pineapple under the sea.

  • bape747

    Ke$ha ain’t ordinary, bruh bruh. Ya azz ugly as her flat azz T pizzy

  • derek.d

    White girl.
    No real talent.
    Built like a mini-fridge.


    Her head game must be lethal.

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    Kesha ? What’s next, a white rapper called Maceo ?
    200 years from now, historians will be discussing, blond hair blue eyed jesus, the greatest rapper eminem, the greatest rocker elvis, the greatest R&B artist robin thicke and the queen of soul madonna.
    While the europeans are playing chess, most of black americans are playing CANDYLAND.

  • Deaya Charles

    They’re both so fugly – why not?

    LOL @ “built like a mini-fridge”!

  • Loli

    They both look like they need a shower.

  • churchlady

    This is reCOCKulous! Bet they smell like badussy!

  • Laney

    I like both of their music, but yeah I do have to agree with most of the comments on here, they are both stinky n dirty looking!

  • renee

    probably just a play on his I’m In Love With a Stripper song. Don’t take Pain so seriously.

  • http://google Wtf?

    Oh well, if that white dude is right the world ends on the 21st anyway (haha) so let tp get his willie dirty for the last time. I’m sippin cold muscato and good nite to y’all


    Yeah…I gotta admit that I am pretty hot, ain’t I? πŸ˜‰ 😈

  • JaZzIe91

    His wife allows him to have 3-somes….. so I’m not surprised by this.

  • QueensBoogie

    aww damnit! those stats sound good but you need to be 6′ to ride this ride! lol!

  • LOL

    I wouldn’t care what his fugly behind did as long as those digits were correct!!! He is hideous and on the DL; Keisha looks like a tranny; that being said I wouldn’t eff him either though…ahahahahah

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