Jesus Take The Wheel: Six Local Men Charged With Gang Raping Two British Tourists In St. Lucia

- By Bossip Staff

Talk about Paradise Lost! The beautiful beaches of St. Lucia became the setting of unspeakable horrors for two British women, aged 24 and 31.

The women were on the island volunteering on a wildlife conservation project run by St. Lucia’s Ministry of Agriculture and a British run charity. The incident occurred on an isolated stretch of Grande Anse beach, in the north-east part of the country, around midnight on May 10th, when a gang of masked men attacked the two travelers. The women were camping in the remote location and returned to their campsite after a walk to find their belongings had been ransacked. They began packing their things to leave when the masked men surrounded them. The women had been armed with machetes, but were ordered to put them down. The group of men then proceeded to rape them repeatedly.

Superintendent Frances Henry, of the Royal St Lucia Police Force, said after the attack last week: ‘The victims, as you would imagine, were distraught but very helpful.

‘It was night, it was dark and it happened in a remote area. During the incident, they had the machetes and were told to put them down and one of the men took custody of the machetes.’

According to a police statement, rape charges have been filed against six men, locals who have yet to be named. The men are due in court later this month.

British high commissioner Karl Burrows described the attack as “a dreadful crime.” He advised tourists to use caution there as they might anywhere else, adding that crimes against tourists were not a widespread problem in St. Lucia.

WHAT THE HELL??? Masked men? These dudes are about to be put under the jail. Six “local men from St. Lucia” raping “British” women? These guys are about to learn the true meaning of “FAWK A Thug”.


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  • Me

    Sad and disgusting

  • worldstarpimp

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  • Gman

    It seems as though the sickness has finally spread to st lucia then 😦

  • ~ChynaPeach~[Team Nymphis]

    Thats scary when you cant even vacation without worrying about some man trying to take your cookies without permission. Smh at men who cant get available cooch.

  • JayJay Growlings

    this story is 2 days old. sorry.

    • plunta

      actually 1 week old

  • Sophia Vergara


    That was so wrong, but sooooo true!!…

    It kinda sounds like it coulda been consensual.

  • Belle-Sexie Canuck

    Wow, this is wrong, no one should be violated especially in such a manner. But at the same time-where is their common sense? It is dangerous to go camping in remote areas anywhere whatsoever, for lots of reasons including the dangers of wildlife and situations such as these. Why would they even think of such a thing in an isolated place, on an island away from home?

  • Belle-Sexie Canuck

    I think common sense and safety should always come before everything else, including work and adventure. When I travel, I avoid going anywhere alone. Back alleys/short cuts and especially camping is absolutely out of the question. I think that was a bit reckless on their part. The fact that they armed themselves with machetes says their survival instinct sent them a warning regarding safety. If they really wanted to camp out for wildlife observation purposes, they should have better organized it with the organization.

  • Jordany

    If it were jamaica there would be like 200 comments on here dogging us. Interesting…

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