Universal Appeal: The World’s Most Random A$$ Celebrity Rap Fans

- By Bossip Staff

Rap is an international phenomenon with kids and adults across the world jamming out to their favorite songs every day. Sometimes, though, we get genuinely surprised by the people that love Hip-Hop and recite its lyrics. Everyone from old pasty politicians to wholesome child stars know the most vulgar lyrics you could imagine.

Here are some of the most unexpected rap fans that have caught our attention.

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  • Shilee

    yo I was bout to say the SAME thing, Aziz Ansari shouldn’t EVEN be on this list cuz he’s NOT random @ ALL!!!

  • Fear of a Black Nation

    if these same people were saying how much they hate rap you would saying there racist,rap isnt just for blacks and puerto ricans

  • ChynaDoll

    Aziz is a cutie and Parks&Recreation is hilarious

  • Que

    Aziz is from South Carolina, not Atlanta.

  • Juliemango

    I enjoyed this celebs n famous ppl are consumers of rap too. Pic # 6 – 2 of my fav. Men!!!

  • TheE

    Model Kate Upton and John Mayer need to be here


    Aziz Ansari is fuggin’ hilarious here.
    remember, “that’s how it’s done, son…that’s how it’s done, son!” 😆

  • Bohwe

    Aziz is probably one of the funniest comedians out now. When he describes a R Kelly concert,that has to be the funniest thing. He’s just a funny dude, period. love him.

  • Bohwe

    on a serious note: black people seek help. this is so sad, counting the number of non blacks who listen to rap music. here’s a thought: this is entertainment. you are entertaining them, with your music. nothing more or less. don’t think for 1 second that because they buy and listen to your music, that you are their equal. it’s amazing how many times blacks want to point out which nonblack has embrace”black culture” like it’s a great thing. they may like it, but they still believe they are better than us. but as long as whites act like they enjoy our performance, hey it’s all good. blacks are a lost cause. like when the white guy from CNN was doing the dougie with dougie e. fresh, all those blacks in the audience just cheered. wow, like mikey, he likes us, he really like us. for a day, blacks should be a flies on the wall in a room with nonblacks so you can hear what they really think of your songs and dance. blacks folks are a lost cause. seriously.

  • Bohwe

    this reminds me of the karate kid, when jaden started break dancing for the little asian girl, and the little asian gang was laughing. at that point, it took alot out of me, not to turn the channel. i was like will, really?

  • audi

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  • lovelyRose

    Aziz is stupid funny! & he’s from the 803! 🙂

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