A-Alikes: Celebrities That Portrayed Other Famous Characters And Nailed It!

- By Bossip Staff

Over the years we’ve seen many actors and actresses play historical figures, musicians, even some of their fellow thespians in a plethora of films. We’ve amassed a short list of some of the best performances where it became hard to tell the difference between the actor and the real person.


Peep the following pages to see mirror images.

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  • Shilee

    WOW Dorothy Dandridge is actually more BEAUTIFUL than Halle, WOW is was GORGEOUS!!!

    • Shilee


    • TEXAS

      True she does look better than Halle. Halle is pretty, but no like Ms Dandridge

  • Just_Kammie

    Tina Fey made a better Sarah Palin.

    • Daylite



      I agree

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      Also in agreement.

  • dark &lovely

    Oh wow, I almost can’t tell which one is John McCain.

  • Can You See It

    Dorothy Dandridge and a younger Dianne Carole look similar.

  • Sunnee

    But they all did good playing these roles.

  • DDB

    The Oscars so screwed Denzel!!! If Spike would have kept his mouth shut, Denzel would have won. Not condemning Spike but just saying.


    Where is Leon? He favored David Ruffin really good.

    • such and such

      What about when Leon potrayed little Richard?

  • beautifulme

    Excellent list but where is ike and tina? i mean dam i kno they wasnt they best couple but they did dam gud, and what abt ole boy playn jerry lee lewis? he did gud too

    • such and such

      Yea he sure did. His name is Dennis Quaid.

    • tommykimon

      Yep I forgot about them they both nailed it especially Lawrence Fishburn I hated his character. He played Ike very well.

  • PHNX

    Yes Angela nailed Tina and Laurence nailed Ike! Oh and Jeffery Wright as Muddy Waters! That is all…lol!

  • heliguy

    I always thought charles barkley would of been perfect for the role ,even tho he doesnt act,he dam sure looks and sound like ali a lil bit ,anyone agree?

  • dreamgirl

    Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison, Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn, Gary Busey as Buddy Holly and Lou Diamond Phillips as Richie Valens are all honorable mentions for the look-a-like catergory!

  • Christielove1468

    To me, Charles Barkley looks nothing like Muhammed Ali. Will Smith didnt either but he played that role perfectly. I agree that the actors shown above nailed that part perfectly! Ed Harris look just like John McCain,maybe one day they will find an actor and actress to portray Our President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

  • Got that Right

    Flex Alexander as Micheal Jackson!! Lol

  • http://bossip mz,joey

    I wasnt on there as Beyonce double

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