Poor Thang: Dirty Dog Sperminator Loses Cartoon Deal Because He Can’t Wrap It Up

- By Bossip Staff

The Sperminator’s d*ck-slinging ways are catching up with him in more ways than one. Instead of just having mistresses come out of the woodwork exposing his illegitimate kids and whorishness, he has to also deal with the fact that some of his post-Governor endorsements and opportunities are going away. The most recent casualty is his proposed television show called “The Governator”.

A Squared Entertainment, Stan Lee Comics and Archie Comics were putting out the cartoon about a governor that leads a double life and has troubles remembering his kids’ birthdays and his wife’s anniversary. Ummm…it looks like this is going to hit closer to home than they originally though. So, to get rid of the awkwardness, they’re just going to put the kibosh on the show.

There were talks of having another Terminator movie and a sequel to Twins. We bet those are going to get dropped too. Just because a man can’t keep his Terminator in his pants. Shame, shame.

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  • sholla21

    Good call. A cartoon about Arnie’s double life would be in bad taste.

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  • Christielove1468

    I guess that Arnold Schwarzenegger will have to find another hustle quick,because Maria is seeking to get 200 million from their divorce and his sneaky babymama Mildred may hit him for child support soon. Plus no telling how many other illegitimate kids he has out there. I have no sympathy for Arnold’s azz,he should had been keeping his d*ck inside of his trousers and honoring his wedding vows to his long,suffering wife Maria.

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