Racist Or Revolutionary? Hallmark Offered Father’s Day Cards For Black Moms

- By Bossip Staff

The Hallmark Mahogany line might have taken things a little too far.

You’ve seen the Mahogany cards at your local Wal-Mart or grocery store. You may have even bought some. But would you buy this one?

To celebrate Father’s day, Hallmark’s Mahogany line has released a Father’s Day card that is targeted towards African-American single mothers. That’s right. They line has apparently seen the rising number of single moms in the Black community and has chosen to make a card specifically for those moms.

What do you think? Is this a novel approach to honoring single moms or is it kind of racist by preying upon stereotypes about the African-American community. Sound off!

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  • miss kay

    There is something definitely off with that! I addition, just because black women are single doesn’t mean the the men aren’t fathers to their children!

  • Tonimari

    If they were going to do that, they should have created one for all other races as well. Black women are not the only women on earth who are single mothers. I can see how one can perceive it as thoughtful but it’s still a little stereotypical to me.

  • http://twitter.com/junglebeatkingz dupe

    I don’t think its racist at all. we ve become so sensitive as a community, every time some one makes a nice gesture, we begin to second guess their intentions. Let us just take it for what it is and deal with the real issues plaguing the black community.

  • daahlingnikki

    I understand the sentiment but it is definitely stereotypical…if you want to make a fathers day card for mothers then make it universal don’t just aim it @ one group…Hallmark should’ve known better…

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    Actually I don’t have a problem with the cards and I understand the message the cards are conveying! If the statistics are correct, then a large number of Black mothers are single mothers. Shouldn’t Black single mothers with all their struggles receive a card like any other mother? In about ten years they are going to have cards for non- Black women who are raising bi-racial children. Just wait!

  • Kathryn

    The people in this world have become so unbelievably sensitive and weak.

  • http://Littlechocolatechild.blogspot.com Axiomatic Truth

    Bottom line is, there is definitely a market for this type of card. If I saw them, I probably would have gotten one. Very nice to acknowledge those mothers who must step up and serve as both mother and father. My only issue is there is a tinge of stereotyping by marketing it only toward black women. We aren’t the only ones who deal with dead beat father’s. Make it universal. And why does it look so ‘sista girl’

  • ray

    Its business – they see a market and they’re catering to it.

  • bb1047

    Completely appropriate! I love the idea. I do feel the card is a tad stereotypical with the black mom on the front because all races have single moms. I wud purchase for my mother. She did EVERYTHING her self with two kids. Fathers and mothers day belongs to her and we celebrate it every year.

  • Asia

    A tad sterotypical yes it is…but being a single mother in the black community is the norm today. It should serve as a wake up call amd embarrasment to black men. @Brianna you should date who you prefer but the bashing is close minded immature and cynical..

  • a mess

    Dam someone stole my idea again. Nothing wrong with this at all. Its the truth and there is a market for this. Then when a black man is being a father its as if they should get accolades. Its sad. People should just keep their legs closed and their stick in their pants.

  • CJ

    now all we need are Mother’s Day cards for single dads..

  • come on!

    Racist no,the truth yes,and I thank hallmark for it.

  • http://www.bossip.com nygger males suck

    Co-sign Asia. Nygger males NEED to do better!

  • Victoria

    I don’t think it is racist. The card is not saying only black women are single mothers. I just don’t understand why people get angry when they know someone who is a single mother and they themselves say they are the mother and father too. It was just a gesture that was taken too deep.

  • Juliemango

    It validates the bwomen who belv they r doin a fathers job and want to be credited for it!!!

  • Asia

    Well it is true a lot of bw are single moms and there should be some birth control responsiblity. But the fact will always remain that it takes two to tango and to raise a child. So you can play the blame game all day but you have half of you walking around. Even if your not with that woman..or it was not planned you have to remember its not that childs fault…be there. Irresponsibility goes both ways in a single parent household#FACT

  • team nymphis

    brianna & Asia

    You two dusty dike mouf bytches really need some male attention.if you fat fcks could come outside atleast once witout eatin you might find a good blk man.but then again you mustified hoes stay in the projects and ain’t no real man regardless of color tryin to holla at fat balloon stomach tricks walkin to the store in they pajamas to get a bag of hotchips and a RC.

    You raggedy maggots kill me.

  • Asia

    @team nymphis….how do you say so…i dont co sign any bashing. I simply stated the obvious…brianna on the other hand smh…the man who made you was black. You people are too aggressive and unthoughtful…peace

  • Asia

    ….oh yeah and how are you going to sterotype me fat..manless..project living..etc..im not offended because it does not apply to me. More of dissapointed not all bw are that way same applies to bm and this story.

  • sanfranpsycho

    no, it’s not racist. i was in target and they did have one not specifying anyone’s race. mahogany makes cards specifically geared towards african american’s, so thats why THAT card shows an african american woman on it. quit w/ the race baiting!

  • Hill

    Y’all are late. Possibly 10 years plus. Mahoghany did this years ago, I bought a card for my mom when I was 13. That was 2000. I thought it was perfect, have been looking ever since. Also, it’s not racist, seeing as though it’s a card company for African American’s, it’s called “mahoghany”??!? Duhh. Don’t be sensitive because it’s the truth on all levels. If you have a father, get him a fathers day card and mind your business

  • Steelcitychick

    Please someone show me where this is showing a single mother…I see a women…no babies no nothing…and its saying that dude deserves a day for himself? This could be someone like me…with no kids, wishing my friend who has kids a happy fathers day…please tell me if I’m wrong.

  • ncsfinest

    Yall are SO LATE. Those cards have been out for quite awhile. And no it’s not racist. I agree, stop race baiting and accept it for what it is.

  • MzMula

    Revolutionary! I am a single mother and at first I thought it was weird when I had people wishing me a happy fathers day but my best friend who is a male explained to me that I should celebrate both mothers day and fathers day because I play both roles and when he explained that to me I couldn’t agree more so I celebrate fathers day the same as I would mothers day bout time they made a card!

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