Exclusive: Sheneka Adams Chops It Up With BOSSIP About Rumors, Recovering From The “Sasquatch Crotch” Situation And Rebuilding Her Brand

- By Bossip Staff

If you’re already familiar with model Sheneka Adams it’s likely because you’ve seen her bangin’ frame inside the pages of your favorite men’s magazine… Or it may be because you’ve peeped that infamous video that set the web on fire or you may have heard a thing or two about her and a certain rapper or athlete.

BOSSIP decided to go directly to the source and ask Sheneka how things went “South” and how she’s building back up after folks tried breaking her down. Check out what she had to say on the next page.

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  • Teyana

    Ooooo my gosh like really who told these hoes they have rights? Hmm? Who?? >:O saddown sumwhea little gurl! *madea voice*

  • Nana

    Who’s this Chic again?

  • rtclean

    Sheneka is beautiful and from previously following her on Twitter she seems to be one of those people who always ends up winning. But I did try to chat with her at an event she was hosting and was surprising brushed off. So “stuck up”, may be. Its all good though its the nature of the business. I wish her continued success.

  • Matix B

    She lost me @ Shasha, i’m efffing tired of people making excuses for their actions. Face it; as a sane person you can’t switch personas as a way of copping out of your sexuality…….be real and stop fronting.

  • saywhat!

    Big mike I just googled to see who she is and apparently she does suk, tht maybe part of the branding process she’s talking about.o_0

  • http://www.prettyjoli.com/usa/big-cakes-poppin%e2%80%99-sheneka-adams-shares-her-suicide-survival-story-and-talks-about-diggin%e2%80%99-in-dudes%e2%80%99-%e2%80%9cback-boxes%e2%80%9d Big Cakes Poppin’: Sheneka Adams Shares Her Suicide Survival Story And Talks About Diggin’ In Dudes’ “Back Boxes” | PrettyJoli.com | PrettyJoli.com

    […] The last time we spoke to Sheneka Adams she was plotting to take over the world, so we can’t say we’re all that surprised that she’s featured on the cover of new hip-hop and honeys glossy Rhymes & Dimes Magazine. The issue was a double cover, and Juelz Santana is featured as well. […]

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