Question Of The Day: Would You Support A Black Republican Presidential Candidate As Much As You Supported Obama??

- By Bossip Staff

Businessman Herman Cain is becoming very popular amongst the people, but could he earn YOUR vote?

Bolstered by support from his loyal radio talk-show audience and Tea Party backers, businessman Herman Cain has revved up mainstream conservatives, rising recently to third place in a poll of voters in Iowa, the leadoff caucus state.

In his pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination, Cain’s views on the economy and his fiery delivery have resonated with some in the GOP. His campaign has also been marked by controversy, including his comment that he would not want a Muslim bent on killing Americans in his administration. Just this week, Cain accused comedian Jon Stewart of disliking him because he is an “American black conservative.”

Already losing some of his cachet to Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann, Cain, the lone African-American GOP candidate, is trying to win over a party that hasn’t had a black nominee.

Sidestepping race as an issue in his campaign may have helped him gain momentum in recent weeks, but whether he can turn vigor into votes will depend largely on voters’ ability to look past his skin color and perceive him as a serious candidate.

Here is what some people who support Mr. Cain.

“He’s fresh, he’s outspoken,” said Debbie Dooley, head of the Georgia Tea Party Patriots. “If they hear him speak, he usually wins them over. With him, what you see is what you get. People like that.”

“He doesn’t believe in the whole business of race being a defining factor of anything in this country,” said William Boone, a political science professor at Clark Atlanta University, which is predominantly black. “He says, ‘If you work hard, you will make it. Look at me.’

“There’s a buzz on the street among activists. People like him; they want to know more about him. That’s sort of living the dream as far as a presidential candidate goes. He’s getting the kind of reaction every candidate imagines.”

This all sounds like glowing praise, but the question still remains can he get people to believe in him how they believe in Barack Obama, and show up at the polls on voting day.

How do you feel about a black republican candidate?


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  • gina

    YES! I WOULD SUPPORT HIM IF IT WAS OBAMA 🙂 Dude go bully the pizza store manager….some more!

  • T.Banks

    Hell No! Black Republicans are really ignorant sellouts!

  • Me

    No, I don’t like republicans ideologies no matter the color

  • B*tchie

    They’re all some scam artists.

  • Whateva

    Contrary to what many white people say, I didn’t vote for Obama because he was black. It was because his policy and beliefs related more to me. If Cain’s were closer to mine than Obama, I’d vote for him regardless of political affiliation.

  • The Ninja Kitty

    A politican is a politican. Nuff said.

  • Meme

    I wouldn’t support the republican party no matter what the race of the candidate is. To me it’s all about the party not the race. They can put a black man up there to run but he will still be pushing that republican agenda and I have and always will be strictly democrat.

  • http://Definitelynotthisclown! mrjaymo

    Would have given a moderate black republican some consideration, but Herman Cain is a Tea Party pandering crackpot of the worst kind.

  • Yeah I Said It

    *******IF I would, it wouldnt be for DIS NUCCA!!! He too rowdy…The TYPE we DONT need!!

  • mike

    First I’d like to ask most of you nimrods what exactly has obama done to make any of your lives better? Exactly nothing and as far as the inner city your lives havnt changed most in the inner city are still the same or worse off. so get off obamas jock especially when most of u care more about rappers and athletes and to busy giving convicts and losers some street cred for being grimey losers that go to prison get bent over and become down low homoo thugs credit smh @ who blacks look up to.

  • Myra

    Trust me, if the inner city community hasnt changed with Obama, it will definitely become worse with Cain. Look at the damage the republicans have recently done to the inner city without even having a republican president. They have cut aide for welfare and other programs like it. And the worst is that they have cut the budget for poor pregnant women. Imagine what they will do if they actually had a republican president. Let’s not forget that a republican is still a republican no matter what his skin color an d Cain is a tea party republican which is the worst kind. Prepare to say bye bye to freedom of choice on abortion and all the other things they support. Sarah palin wasnt cutting it for the tea party so they found a black man to step in for her. What a crappy party.

  • kat

    Being black has nothing to do with it. I just want to know what kind of bull he’s gonna be feeding us to get him to the office. And then after he’s in, how can he explain backsliding on the issues he said he would fight to fix.

  • Glenn Becky

    Read those “glowing reports” again…all those compliments sound awfully like Pres. Obama. It seems like no matter what color or gender the republicans throw on stage, they present the same warmed over image and campaign of someone else….how is that fresh?

    If a black republican can show me that theyre truly nvested in benefitting america, then sure I will have no problem voting for him…until then no dice.

  • prettynana43

    I am anti-REPUBLICANS! I dnt like what their ideologies are,what they stand for, n I won’t fall for their lies n schemes to keep the rich gettin richer n the poor,well u kno the rest!FUK EM! I don’t care if the republican was green,HELL NO!

  • Mora's momma

    NO, I didn’t vote for Obama because he was black, I voted for him because he in my opinion was the best candidate (Democrat). I will never vote for a Republican, even if I do become a billionaire someday.

  • RL1984

    @ T.Banks… really all black republicans are really ignorant sellouts??

  • nikkislim

    I wouldn’t vote for him to be dog catcher. I don’t like republican. Color doesn’t matter. They aren’t for the common folks. People voted for every republican that was running this past election, only to hurt Pres. Obama and what was the FIRST thing they did? Tried to cut unemployment for the very people (white america) that put them in office. BUT Pres. Obama put a stop to that. Look at what happened in Wisconsin. Republicans did that s***! White america better wake up and GET OVER the fact the the POTUS is a BLACK MAN, and realize that unless you are wealthy the republicans don’t care about you, and let Pres. Obama do his job. Next year everyone who can vote better reelect Pres.0bama for a second term. If any one of the republicans they have out there now claiming they going to run is an indication, if any one of them becomes president, you think we are bad off you haven’t seen nothing yet. 0bama 2012!

  • jrs

    missunderstood… every time Obama tries to do something for any less fortunate the repubs block it ! this isn’t a pizza cant do as you want as pres.. the senate congress and house all can block you.. the repubs go against everything so the people can hate him.. that’s the game. but please remember katrina vs tornado or hurricane places and who is the majority of those places. and the difference in the end help. black areas still arent rebuilt but those white areas was like pronto.. and they built unaffordable housing inn the black decent areas… that’s the reality !!

  • Danyale

    Shouldn’t no black person in america be republican no matter wat tax bracret u in…smgdh! I wud rathet have a white republican in office

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