Do You Live In One Of The Ten Fattest States In America??

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Yesterday, we brought you the 10 States (and D.C.) with the lowest percentage of obese adults in the country.

The #1 thinnest state – Colorado – still boasted an adult obesity rate of 19.8%… Which means almost a fifth of Colorado’s adult population is overweight. So you can imagine how scary the numbers on this list are.

Flip through and see if your home state earned the dubious distinction of “Fattest State In The Country.”

10. Michigan* (30.5%)
(Significant increase from last year)

9. Arkansas (30.6%)

8. South Carolina* (30.9%)
(Significant increase from last year)

7. Oklahoma** (31.4%)
(Significant increase two years in a row)

6. Kentucky** (31.5%)
(Significant increase two years in a row)

5. Louisiana (31.6%)

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    4. Tennessee (31.9%)

    3. West Virginia* (32.2%)
    (Significant increase from last year)

    2. Alabama (32.3%)

    1. Mississippi (34.4%)

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    • gina

      Yea that…..and Free f**king Hoes!

    • rampagejackson

      Dang. The whole southeastern conference is on this list except for Fla and Georgia.

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