Celebs Who Should Have Put The Mic Down

- By Bossip Staff

When you were a little kid, did you want to be like fifteen different things when you got older? That’s many of our stories, but somewhere along the way we start believing that we have to choose and that we can only be one thing. The scenario is a bit different for celebrities though. Money, power and access play a huge role in what you’ll be able to see and experience in this life. Once a celebrity has reached a certain amount of success, it seems they start to branch out. And that’s a beautiful thing. We should all pursue all of our goals. But in some cases it’s better to stick to what you know.

Here are some celebrities whose extracurricular activities left us scratching our heads.

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  • Patricia

    Where is the dam list?

  • L. Chase

    Lmao! Eddie murphy is the whole list?? Was he that bad?? Daaaamn lol jk seriously tho, wheres the list??

  • Miss_danielle

    That “Party All The Time” was the ish! Lol!

  • B

    @ bottom bytch
    Ii agree wit all except usher, brittney spearz

  • L. Chase

    Seen Ashanti sing live and she is terrrrrrible. And all these pop princesses that play their music rather than sing in concert. I dont like bey’s music but she sings and dances and gives you ur money’s worth!

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