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The good folks at OKCupid did some research based on the people that sign up for their dating services and came up with a surprising discovery. They tallied up the amount of people that signed up as looking for “casual encounters” and revealed the 10 most promiscuous towns.

Here’s what they discovered.

10. Houston, TX – Well, with all of those people in the city, you’d imagine there’s a whole lotta flirting and hooking up going on. Not to mention all of the colleges there. Not a shabby place either as there are quite a few lovely lookers in the area.

9. San Diego, CA – All of those fit people in California? You can only imagine how much action gets spread around over there. San Diego is the land of beach bods so the hook ups have to be plentiful.

8. Denver, Colorado – Kobe sure knows why this city is on the list. Things can get freaky in the mile high city. Just make sure you keep your stamina with all that thin air.

7. San Bernadino, CA – Again with Cali. It totally makes sense that they would be all into the one-night stands and all that. Who’s ready to take a trip out west?

6. Dallas, TX – Things are bigger in Texas, we hear. And apparently the need to get it in is bigger there, too.

5. San Francisco, CA – San Fran is the land of free love and anything goes, so they’re bound to be on the list. People go around spreading that free love so much no wonder people are always smiling there.

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4. Miami, FL – No wonder Will Smith made a song about this city. They stay trip and slimmy, toned and fit. And with Reggie Bush coming to town, it looks like things will only get faster.

3. Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh is home to Wiz Khalifa. So you can sure bet that when Amber Rose came to town, things got wayyyy more promiscuous. We’re also sure that dudes were leaving their girls to get a shot as Miss Rose.

2. Seattle, WA – We knew that people in Cali like to get it poppin’, but we didn’t know the great Northwest was full of movers and shakers like that. Freaking liberals all trying to get their rocks off.

1. Portland, OR – See that face right there? That’s Greg Oden. He’s got the face of a 90-year-old but he’s one of the most famous men in Portland. We can’t help but hope everyone in Portland doesn’t look like that…because we can’t imagine everyone bumping uglies if they have OdenFace. Anyway, congratulations to Portland for being the hoe-y-est city in the country!



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