SMH: Montel Williams Gives The Shady Salahis A Ho Sit Down For Attempts To Tie Him To Their Fraudulent Event

- By Bossip Staff

Those shady Salahis are up to their usual skullduggery but Montel Williams ain’t having it! The talk show host is putting those Salahos on full blast after they announced he would be attending an event at their “winery.”

Here’s the official statement from his spokesperson Jonathan Franks:

“It has come to our attention that a group claiming to be associated with Tareq and Michaele Salahi have announced that Mr. Williams will be attending an event at their Oasis Winery in Virginia and that Montel Williams’ MS Foundation is also a supporter – neither is true. The use of Mr. Williams’ name without his permission is unacceptable, and Mr. Williams’ attorneys intend to pursue all available legal remedies in this matter.”

“Even worse, it appears that the Salahi’s, whose bizzare behavior has been widely reported, are attempting to piggy-back off of Montel’s record of advocacy on behalf of MS sufferers worldwide to advance the apparent re-opening of their failed winery. That is inexcusable exploitation of those afflicted with a terrible disease.”

“Throughout the day yesterday our office was been contacted by multiple governmental agencies, including law enforcement investigating the group responsible for this event. Aside from pursuing all civil legal remedies available, Montel’s office intends to cooperate with regulators and law enforcement investigating this matter.”

This is terrible. These crooks need to be locked up already. And the grand re-opening of their winery??? We thought that place was going up for auction!

We’ve got the screenshots of the fraudulent event announcement that definitely mentions Montel by name as well as the cease and desist letter sent by Montel’s lawyers below:

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