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Last week we talked about some stars that threw shade at Bey Bey, but her husband has gotten his fair share of insults from rappers, journalists and plain old regular people.

Let’s take a look at the people that threw shade Jigga’s way.

Superhead – Even though Jay-Z made her career by putting her in “Big Pimpin'” video, the world’s most shameless oral sex provider to the stars was sending shots at hov in her book. She even went into detail about how he wipes when he takes a shower. TMI.

Nas – Probably the most infamous diss aimed at Mr. Carter came from Nasty Nas in 2001. When he dropped “Ether,” people thought Jay was going to struggle to recover. Of course, that didn’t happen, but nobody hurt Jay like Nas did.

Cam’Ron – Killa Cam was never able to make a song that really got at Jay, but he did start the whole “Camel” thing which we’re forever grateful for. Jay got back on him on “Dig A Hole” from his return album Kingdom Come, but the beef was pretty lame overall.

Jim Jones – Of course, if Cam’s sending shots then Jim Jones is coming right after him. Back when he was relevant, Jones was Cam’s right hand man, dissing Jay for the way the Roc broke up. All Jay said in return? “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”

Lil Wayne – Maybe you’ve heard of this. We’ve already detailed their history of up and down relationships so this isn’t a surprise. But Weezy may have crossed the line recently when he was sending shots about kidnapping Beyonce and holding her for ransom. That’s the Messiah you’re talking about Weezy!

Bill O’Reilly – William hates all Black people, so of course he hates Jigga man. When Blueprint 3 came out and Jay said he was “off” O’Reilly, of course Mr. Racism himself had to butt in. Good thing Jay didn’t go on the show and make a fool of himself like other rappers.

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Beanie Sigel – Want to know who Jay was talking to on “Why I Love You” from Watch The Throne? Well, it was probably Beanie Sigel. Jay helped Beans become the celebrity he once was, but Sigel left jail and started throwing shots. Of course, he’s as irrelevant as ever now, though.

Dame Dash – Dame was Jay’s best friend and business partner from the jump. Of course that all ended when Roc-a-Fella split up and Jay went on to be a millionaire while Dame went on to be Uncle Sam’s itchbay. Dame has mostly kept to himself about the whole thing, but he’s sent his fair share of shots Jay’s way.

DMX – When Jay-Z was president of Def Jam and DMX wasn’t getting the support he felt like he deserved, he went on a crack rage rant about Jay, even saying he doesn’t rock with a dude that wears sandals. To the beach. Um, okay, X.

Frank Lucas – Frank Lucas, the subject of Denzel’s American Gangster flick and the man that inspired Jay-Z’s album of the same name, felt like Jay was a fake thug and didn’t appreciate Hov calling him a “snitch” on the album. For that, Frankie, even at his old age, was really trying to get into some G isht over it.

Conspiracy Theorists – Everyone out there saying that Jay-Z was part of some devil worshipping cult were clearly throwing shade at him. People even said he killed Biggie or some isht as part of a blood sacrifice. We do realize how stupid that sounds…right?

Bugsy – Curtis has been baiting Jay for years, but Jay-Z hasn’t responded (except for way back before 50 was really famous). They seem cordial when they meet up but we’re sure Jay doesn’t appreciate all the sly talking 50 does. But let’s remember: Jay bangs Bey. 50 had Chelsea Handler. Ew.

Jaz-O – Jaz gave Jay his break back in the 80s, but the relationship fell apart and Jaz started dissing Jay as soon as he blew up. Damn, does Jay fight EVERYONE he came up with? Well, except Memph Bleek.

The Game – The biggest attention whore in all of Hip-Hop, The Game, has been dissing Jay for years with barely a response. Recently, he just did a song called “Otis” dissing Jay…but it wasn’t even on the “Otis” beat. Oh yeah, it sucked.

MC Hammer – Nobody challenged Jay with the lyrical mastery of his craft and rap excellence like MC Hammer did last year. Okay, we’re just fawking with you. Hammer made a fool of himself dissing Jay. All Jigga said was that he didn’t want to end up broke like Hammer. Rappers are too sensitive.


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