Common Shares The Story Of His Childhood Kidnapping In His New Book

Guess Which Rapper Was Kidnapped By His Dad As A 9-Month-Old Baby And Driven Across State Lines With His Mom Handcuffed To The Front Seat?

- By Bossip Staff

Turns out that Common’s mom ain’t no joke! Peep how she got them out the situation below:

What could she do? When we stopped for gas, she says he handcuffed her to the steering wheel. When she needed to use the restroom, she says he stood outside the door. The situation must have looked hopeless to her.

My mother escaped with me early one Sunday morning. She recalls my father pulling off the highway to get gas; there were no plans to stop for food, no plans to sleep. She complained of a headache and asked my father to bring her something for the pain.

He came back to the car with a bottle of pills. My mother took two like the container directed then somehow managed to put the rest in his can of Coke as he gassed up the car. When he got back in, he took a big swig of soda then threw the can out the window. It wasn’t long before he started feeling the effects.

“Did she drug me? I don’t know,” my father told me later. “All I know is that I made the decision that it was better to sleep during the day and drive at night while you were sleeping.”

We stopped at a roadside motel on the outskirts of Madison, Wisconsin… My mother told me that my father had just enough time handcuff her to the bed, sit me on the couch, strip off some of his clothes and fall onto the mattress, his feet dangling off the edge. Soon he was snoring away. Once he was fast asleep, my mother says she started working her small hand against the cuff, folding her fingers in on themselves and pulling until metal scraped skin.

“Rashid,” she said in a stage whisper. “Rashid, baby, go outside and play. Mommy will be there soon.”

Something in her eyes must have told me, young as I was, that this was no time for games. I followed her instructions and slipped out the door. Her hand finally free, my mother followed after me. She made it to the lobby and told the man working there to call the police.

“Next thing I know,” my father no says, “I wake up and there are two policemen standing over my bed. One of them’s got a shotgun on me. The other’s pointing a pistol. I raised my hands up above my head and turned my eyes to the sky… That’s when I cried out: ‘Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!’

“It was all over the radio, the television, the newspaper. ‘Kidnapping,’ in capital letters. But I was in jail only overnight. They released me the next morning without charges.”

Madison, Wisconsin, is one hundred sixty-three miles from the South Side of Chicago and nearly two thousand miles from Seattle. The road trip, the kidnapping, my father’s dream — whatever you call it — it was over almost as soon as it had started.

Sounds crazy right? That’s just the Prologue. Common promises to divulge more throughout the rest of the book about all his relationships — including the ones with Erykah Badu, Taraji P. Henson, and the mother of his daughter Omoye. We can’t wait to read the rest!



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