Where Are My Parents??? Nas’ Daughter Destiny Has Been Going H.A.M. On Twitter

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Nas! It seems he has a “Black Girl Lost” for a kid. We’re not trying to judge anybody’s parenting skills, but @Destiny_Jones is the Twitter account that claims to be Nas’ daughter by Carmen Bryan. She’s a talkative one who loves to cuss, brag about her dad and talk isht about her mom. Here are a few of her tweets:

We always had our concerns about Carmen Bryan raising a daughter, so we can’t say we’re entirely surprised she turned out like this.

In this world full of Twitter/Facebook impersonators we can’t say for sure that @Destiny_Jones the real thing or not — but she sure gives her “Dad” enough opportunities to expose her if she is a fake with all those constant shout outs and retweets.

For his sake, we’re hoping it’s not the real Destiny Jones.

More tweets below:

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