Question Of The Day: Is Michael Vick Being Treated Unfairly By NFL Officials As A Black Quarterback???

- By Bossip Staff

Although Michael Vick is one of the NFL premiere stars, he doesn’t seem to get the same treatment from referees like his peers Tom Brady and Peyton Manning…

Vick started for Philadelphia despite suffering a concussion in last week’s loss at Atlanta. He left the 29-16 defeat at the hands of the New York Giants with the broken hand in the fourth quarter after helping the Eagles overcome a 14-0 first-quarter deficit to take a 16-14 lead.

It’s uncertain how long Vick will be out.

Vick not only was hurting, he was annoyed that no flag was thrown on the hit by defensive lineman Chris Canty. It appeared Canty hit Vick in the facemask with his helmet. Vick sat on the ground, lifted his helmet off slightly before getting helped up by a teammate and an official.

“Every time I throw the ball, I’m on the ground,” Vick said. “I get hit in the head. I don’t know why I don’t get the 15-yard flag like everybody else does. I’m not trying to blame the refs. I just want them to take notice.”

Peep the post-game press confernce below to hear Vick’s frustrated comments

Does Vick have a valid point? Are NFL refs choosing to ignore late hits that they would normally call penalties for??

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  • http://none truthbetold

    Hell yea he’s valid.

  • Christielove1468

    Not only is Michael Vick being treated unfairly,but also he still is being targeted for abuse because of his past crime for dogfighting. The man did his time in jail and white people need to grow the hell up and get over it! It just goes to show how much white people will always value a dog’s life over black people,smdh!

  • tron

    @GINA…that is the truth. I notice the black race is gonna be in bad shape…glorifying violence all the time.

  • team nymphis

    I remember one game where the commentaters were slammin vick for dogfightin and in the nxt sentence they were sayin that his backup quarterback was a mans man cuz he goes big game hunting.

  • gina


    Your enlightenment is respected. We have to stop it that brutal mentality ” beat it”.

    What Vic should ask is where are those highly paid speedy 300 pound men on HIS team that are supposed to FLATTEN anybody that gets within 6 ft the “Quarterback”…..Duh…..that’s how the game is supposed to be played! Where your boyz at Vic? Ever notice what happens to players that hit Manning for the rest of the entire game! Or before you could get to him! FOOTBALL IS BRUTAL! His teammates are his real issue!

  • Keya

    @ gina- shut the Hell up!! Clearly you don’t believe in this thing called forgiveness!! That man went to jail and he has paid his debt to society. I live in Philadelphia and this man dies a lot for this city! He has a lot charities and programs out her for our youth. He deserves to be forgiven. He does not get the same respect that Ben, Tom, and Peyton get. There are rules in NFL that are specifically for the protection of the QB and clearly its not being enforced for him. It’s so sad that there is people out here in this world that don’t believe in giving someone a second chance. You act like you’ve never done anything wrong.

  • Cush33

    He answered the ? On why he did what he did along time ago. He also did his time for his crime let this man live his life. Some people really need to get a life. There is no more explaining he have to do for anyone anymore.

  • melissa

    I do believe he has a very valid point…an the the NFL knows it!! A telant like his should not be mistreated like that…this is the game of football not cage fighting where you are truly trying to hurt your opponent..I truly hope the NFL reps take action because this kind of treatment is totaly unacceptable!! I’m praying for you Vic!

  • uhh no

    He feels like he’s being treated unfairly? How many people do you know goes to jail for a crime, gets out and sign a $90 with incentives? He one of the highest paid players in the NFL but yet he’s being targeted? GTFOH with that bull. There were plenty of unfair calls against the Giants yesterday and he’s whining because he feels like he didn’t get the call he wanted. Thats football. Man up and get over it smh

  • thinktwice

    @Gina…did ur mother never tell u 2 think b4 u speak? Michael Vick,1 of the best quarterbacks n the league,made a mistake. He took responsibility 4 his wrongful doings,did his time and he is back. None of us have 2 b a fan of his but there is a thing called forgiveness. Where he grew up this was normal activity just as n the country they fight chickens or n the woods the hunt all types of animals and its not always 2 eat. Vick has suffered enough and yes he probably is still recieving unfair treatment on and off the field. Jesus turned the other cheek so what makes some of us feel we r 2 good 2 do the same. As 4 the comment of him being a baby daddy,he is a father whom has a fiance whom is making her own money. I notice that u Ms.Gina always comment on the negative sh**. Where were u when we needed that big mouth of urs with the Troy Davis situation?

  • nikkislim


    You are so very ignorant. One minute you’re commenting like you have sense, then you start in like a ignorant fool. Clown sit down. You are either a racist or you have some deep seeded self hate. Get some help to deal with your issues. And while you’re at it, pick up a dictionary. Better yet take your ignorant azz back to school and take English 101. Your grammar and spelling is pathetic.

  • gina

    @niccaazz nikki.& twice you aka cannot think very well

    Y’all dumb hoes. And hellva no I did not defend that Troy crap! If you had read the case you would have said nicca wtf were you doing that night he even admitting wrongdoing. That dead man was so foul his last “statement was I did not personally kill”…hoes fall down back into your oppressive little narrow minded filthy rut! Nikki…bish you are a follower that lacks courage or conviction to stand for whatever you believe in.! Hoe I dont post for broke bishes to befriend me! As for you none job spelling checking for free hoes just keep free humping and leave my post alone! Freedom of speech in American Bit@h! Pimp Gina got you hoe trolls humping the blog for her 24/7! BIG PIMPING GINA…YOU GO GINA!

  • nikkislim

    You ignorant, low, ghetto, non english speaking and or writing, hoe, stfu. People speak and comment on what they live and know. The only thing you ever talk about are bit*#*#, hoes, pimpin, ebt cards, welfare, tricks, crack, so on and so on. You must lead a pretty pathetic life since that’s all you know. I hope you have reproduced anything thing. They will more than likely end up as ignorant as you.

    Funny thing about you, you read my comment and your dumb azz still can’t spell worth a damn.
    Get off the computer and pick up a book.

  • Naked Truth

    The most evil race that God has ever created, is the race that is capable of treating a black human being WORST than a dog, and walk around feeling good about their chances of getting away with it.
    How a white person feels about Mike Vick and his dog fighting, is nothing compared to how they feel about him being a RICH BLACK MAN!
    They already hated him, but not as much as they should be hating themselves!

  • team nymphis

    I have two pitbulls myself…so I know what they were bred to do and that’s in their blood.I don’t in any way condone what he was doing cuz I love animals.I also have two burmese pythons and a alligator snappin turtle.what he did was wrong no doubt.but yt folks are acting like he’s the creator of the sport when they in fact invented dogfighting all of the unecessary hunting of animals that they kill for sport is just written off as male sportsmanship. I dissagree wit that as well but the fact is that most white people only tolerate blacks which is a huge difference from liking and as soon as something happens to their dissatisfaction they will show you how they really feel.and quite frankly,dogs are deserving of more respect to them than blacks.they used to have their dogs attacking blks for trying to march

  • thinktwice

    @Gina…I dont believe any of us on this site knows each other personally so the name calling u r n2 just goes 2 show ur ignorance a little more. We r all entitled 2 our opinion and yes u r right we do have the freedom of speech but the truth is the truth so sometimes educate urself on a subject so u dont appear 2 look silly when u open ur mouth.

  • gina

    Bitc!H…YOU ADDRESSED ME! I know what kinda broke azz hoes yall are! Fallback your exactly what said you are that’s why you MAD! GINA TROLL AFTER GINA COWARDLY HOES! Lame azz spell checking hoes….go rag your baby daddy! Rflo..lollol

  • Ms.Live@5

    I’am a NY GIANTS FAN GO BIG BLUE first and foremost,but I pray for Mike Vick they say his hand isn’t broken now, but they are going to have to more do x-rays on it and watch the swelling so I continue to pray for him.

    Mike’s playing skills are great, but he’s being taken advantage of so he must learn how to also play to his best and protect himself at the same time. Mike has got to learn how to work with his defense as well and stay in the pocket at times also his defense must learn how to move with him to protect him.

    I also co-sign with Mike that referees have got to do their jobs they don’t protect Mike, but then they don’t protect Donvann, Jason,or now Cam either let’s face it the league is going to protect their favorites Tom,Tony,Peyton,and Ben. Lets face not even my own QB Eli Manning gets as much ref attention as them guys he’s always getting calls against him I guess that’s why Mike had a long talk with Eli after the game was over.The two just have respect for being underdog QB’s in the league with great talent one better than other for their many skills but not Black or White just underdogs in the nearly getting respect.

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