Pay Yo Bills: T.O. Finally Finds It Within Himself To Pay Child Support

- By Bossip Staff

Would you look at that!

Terrell Owens found time between being a cry baby and cashing those reality TV checks to actually take care of his daughter.

Too bad it probably had more to do with wanting to stay out of jail and not some sense of obligation or wanting to do the right thing.

Owens was due in court Tuesday on a contempt charge after falling behind two months and $10,000, said Randy Kessler, Melanie Paige Smith’s lawyer. It was the second time this summer Owens was late with his $5,000 monthly payment.

In July, the 37-year-old former wide receiver blamed the NFL lockout in claiming financial hardship, saying he would only be able to afford $2,500 a month. His request was denied and he settled by paying the $10,000 owed for June and July, along with attorney fees, Kessler said.

Owens, a Fulton County resident, has not been signed by an NFL team. He played for the Cincinnati Bengals last season.

Smith, of Atlanta, filed a second petition for contempt in Fulton County Superior Court earlier this month requesting Owens be incarcerated for not making his August and September payments. The flamboyant receiver, star of a VH-1 reality series, earns an estimated $666,000 a month, according to Smith’s suit.

“We are glad it is resolved and hope we do not need to file again in the future,” Kessler said, confirming Owens is caught up with his payments.

Yes, you read that right. This n-word is making almost $700K a month and is a) claiming he can’t afford 5 Gs a month for his kid; b) crying on TV about his money being f***ed up and c) still worrying about an NFL career.


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  • Layla

    5K/mnth for child support is chump change for a pro athlete and he knows it. Stop having kids if you dnt want to support them! Smh

  • G

    PHUK T.O. no good azz. That lockout excuse is BS! He was backed up in payments B4 that. He runnin round cryin like a bytch over some average lookin white chick & not paying 4 his kidz. T.O. aint shyt!

  • will4wil

    Her azz probably living off them checks get a real job all the broke bit€hes out here living off a dude with money she probably couldnt get her hair done

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