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Here’s another reason to look at this whole “Occupy Movement” a little crazy.

The movement came to Atlanta this weekend, and on Friday evening, Congressman John Lewis attempted to address the group that was gathered without any specific message. Lewis, who was a prominent figure in the Civil Rights movement says he wanted to voice his support and solidarity with the group, which could have given them a leg up, being that he is already part of the government they claim they want to change.

But Lewis was never given a chance to speak. And the “Occupy” organizers would have you believe that it was because the crowd didn’t want him to speak.

But the video of Lewis’ presentation tells a different story.

It looked like at least twice people said they’d like to hear the Congressman speak… but somehow they dragged it out until they settled on a no. It’s almost like they had to be convinced that letting Lewis have a couple of minutes wasn’t anti… whatever they actually stand for.

And what did the “Occupy” group have to address that was more important than Congressman Lewis’ input?



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