Meagan Good Talks That Celibacy Yang, Says She’s Too Busy Being Married To Jesus To Worry About These Dudes

- By Bossip Staff

Sorry fellas: Meagan Good has no interest in your package unless you’re ready to put a ring on it.

In an interview with Jamie Foster Brown for the next issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine, Meagan revealed that since breaking up with her NFL boo Thomas Jones, she hasn’t been with any other man but God and has no plan on changing that until she meets her husband.

Jamie: Are you going to be able to find somebody, you think?
I’m not in a rush.

Jamie: No, I’m saying have you been seeing anyone?
I met someone special, but you know what? I’m so in love with God right now. I’m focused on being married to God.

Jamie: Okay now, you’re like the third or fourth girl to tell me that. “I am God’s girlfriend.” So I said you can’t cheat on Him. (laughs) I told my girlfriend—
I’m not! I’m celibate!

Jamie: Oh okay. You can’t be God’s girlfriend and when you meet a guy you say, “Okay, God, step aside.” (laughs)
No, the next guy I meet is my husband, and I already talked to God about that. I was like, “Check this out, Lord, I know what you want for me.” And He really wants a man that has completely sold out for Christ for me, who can help me improve and be better than I am. So I know exactly what He wants for me and I don’t know if I have already found it. It’s quite possible that I may have, but I am so not in a rush for anything. I am in a rush to focus on Him right now.

Jamie: When you say focus on Him, you read the Bible a lot?
Every single day for the past three-and-a-half years; every day without fail.

Hmmm… How exactly do you balance that with being a self-proclaimed party animal and being slizzed on the club scene in outfits like this all the time?


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  • AmazinAtheist

    Jezuz freaks were always easy!!!

  • abcdefg

    So ..i can admire what she’s trying to do….
    Maybe she is a work in progress and that’s why she still gets slizzard
    Hey we all have are demons I hope she finds a husband and improves her relationship with god

  • applepie

    That’s her business and more power to her! Only God can judge Megan.

  • mike

    I wish more woman thought like that. stop having kids with broke, deadbeat dudes that are in and out of jail no job wanna be gangstas slanging maybe kids would have dads to.but woman don’t even care what kinda guy knocks them up stupid females have kids by any loser .

  • E

    Said she was faithful, not perfect.. Good for you Megan! She’s doing her best that’s all she can do. I admire her.

  • Kk

    That’s so good to hear! Megan actually goes to my friends church but I didn’t know she was into God this much and I did use to wonder why she was always the club but that’s not my business or anyone else business I must say I have a new respect for her

  • Feliciano

    Nobody is perfect, that`s really good she has a relationship with Jesus. You will need that before getting into a relationship\marriage.God has to come first and if u pray and ask God to send you that help mate that he has design for you,and wait on God(HE WILL BLESS YOU) I`m happy for Meagan, and may GOD continue to bless her.

  • LM

    Wow, i actually like megan even more now. Im a young 18 year old woman who is def on the same path but sometimes i feel so abnormal. Makes me feel good that other women are doing the same. πŸ™‚

  • team nymphis

    from that to 14 yr old girls fightin over some 18 yr olds dic. Sistas please teach!

  • good for u! :)

    we need more women who are celibate. Some of these men always want to kick it for a little time & be on to the next. ’bout time set these men straight. these men need to stop acting irresponsible by giving away the temple like candy!!! So men stop it, its ridiculous & immature. Women are shutting down , so men grow cuz we really dont care how much dough u have πŸ˜‰

  • Mystyri

    GO, GIRL! Me too! πŸ™‚

  • KB

    This is so Great! Hope u stick with it Meagan so glad 2 c a beautiful female doing something positive 4 a change:)

  • I agree

    If I weren’t married I’d be the same way. A man will only respect you as much as you respect yourself

  • daoriginalmsma

    I agree with the majority…Good for her…Everyone has a vice…It’s good to see that she’s waiting for the right man and not the right now man…


  • ATL Shawty

    I agree with the majority…Good for her…She wants Mr. Right…Not Mr. Right Now…More women should be like that…Do yo thang girl…


  • shay

    I’m not even mad at her for that. We all should seek god n our mates but she’s following the word which iis good. I guess she has realized that locve of god is love for urself. God bless meagan n her journey wit god

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