Jimmy Iovine Has A Message For All You Rappers With Headphones: Dr. Dre Already Did It! You Can Try…

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Beats by Dre has been dominating the game since it stepped on the scene in 2008. Creators, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, have just launched the 2011 Holiday Collection last week in NYC. Lately, a number of companies have tried to duplicate the Beats by Dre product and here’s what Jimmy Iovine has to say about it…

“You see all these rappers now with headphones – let them try – Dre is not a just a rapper. He’s a master of sound, which reflects in our products… So all these other rappers can try to introduce their own headphones. It doesn’t bother us at all. All it does is make us look better.”

Some of you may say that Jimmy Iovine is just playing favoritism towards his own brand but we can’t even lie… Beats by Dre allows you to hear music how it was meant to be heard! The way it was mixed and mastered in the studio. For more info on what the holiday collection will bring… keep reading:

2011 Holiday Collection:

New colors for the standard headphones — pink, orange, purple, blue and grey ($350, due in stores next week); a Beats Wireless Solo Bluetooth model (due next month, no price yet); the “Portable Beat Box,” with built-in bluetooth; and special DJ headphones (both due for the holidays, no price yet). They also announced a Beats by Dr. Dre pop-up store, which will be located on Mercer Street in Manhattan and will be open through the holiday season.


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