The Side-Eye: Justin “No One Thinks My New Movie Is Worth Seeing” Timberfake Says He’s Ready For A Break

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Well now, isn’t this just convenient?

If you’ve been looking up movie reviews for today’s new releases, you know that NO ONE has anything positive to say about Justin Timberlake‘s new movie “In Time.” Not a single reviewer.

So, what better time for Justin to announce that he’s ready to take a break? But, of course, his “people” would like us to believe this is something he’s been thinking about for months.

Timberlake admits turning 30 back in January inspired him to slow down and he now wants to take an extended break to travel the world.

He tells Esquire magazine, “I think you can work and work and work and never really live. The plan is to have no plan. I’ll probably travel, but I’d rather be spontaneous. I feel like I’ve earned at least a little bit of time to do that…”

“There were times I was motivated by the fact I wanted to be the biggest music star in the world. Maybe it wasn’t a conscious thought, but it was an underlying theme. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling like I needed to validate so much of who I was by what I did.”

“After I turned 30 I started asking myself questions why… The only validation I crave now is to be inspired in the same way I’ve always been. That’s all I really owe myself at this point. If I stopped now, I could look at everything I’ve done and be so proud.”

And since his handlers probably also knew that people would start asking when he’s going back to what he actually knows how to do – sing – Justin just happened to randomly throw a statement out there to remind people how much he totally still hearts music.

Q: Does starring in all these movies mean you’re leaving music?
It’s not like I said I’m never doing music again. It is possible to do two things at the same time, even for a guy. I’m always writing music.

Q: What if you were forced to pick between the two?
It’s strange, but working on movies can be way more personal. With music, you write a song, and it’s sort of this sound fantasy. A movie might be a fantasy situation, but it’s your job to make it real.

Oh damn. He’s NOT quitting this acting thing anytime soon, huh?

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