Chrissy Vs. Kimbella: Who Was More Out Of Pocket On “Love And Hip-Hop”?? (Plus What Jim Jones Thinks)

- By Bossip Staff

If you thought that half-a-throwdown between Chrissy Lampkin and Fabolous’ former jump-off/Juelz Santana’s permanent baby mama Kimbella was going to happen at some later point in the season, the show’s producers surprised you as much as they surprised us last night.

And in case you missed the Season 2 premiere, the fight wasn’t quite as cut and dry as it looked in the previews.

It actually felt like it was destined to go down from the very first time Kimbella and Chrissy officially met. Like us, Chrissy had a hard time understanding why this was the first time they met, considering how close their significant other are. During that first convo, Kimbella was throwing the kind of barely disguised shade that honestly made us want to fight her too. This was allegedly also when Kim realized that when she slept with Fabolous, he and Emily B were not only together but expecting a child.

Fast forward a few days, Emily B is having a “freedom celebration” after finally having moved out of Fab’s house. Kimbella’s only friend on the cast so far, Yandy Smith, bring her along to the party. And that’s when Kimbella decides to put “all her cards on the table” to make sure that Emily doesn’t find out she “dated” her man from someone else.

Emily’s reaction wasn’t exactly a heated one. She tells Kimbella that she was one of Fab’s many hoes and that Kimbella actually looks like the type. Kimbella also claims that off camera, Emily told her that she already had her suspicions. Chrissy, on the other hand, wasn’t as calm about it. And what started out as a shouting match quickly escalated to some serious fade catching, which you can watch by clicking here.

So now we ask you…

Hit the flip and check out what Jimmy and Chrissy had to say after the fact.

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  • Asia

    Chrissy was hatin’ on Kim from the jump. She shouldve just minded her business. She was so wrong for attacking that girl.

  • garchii

    garchii reblogged this on garchii and commented: Kimbella, Y’ dnt u pick Bash Ali for a fight and leave the poor girl alone.

  • Theresa thompson

    Chrissy is a ugly mole face dog. A bully and not good enough to spit on maybe she should concentrate more on herself, and not worry about emily . Shes pretty, youre not, maybe thats a part of the reason why youre not a wife yet. You reek of bad, badness.

  • leosgrl88

    Chrissy is a jealous, insecure little girl. She ALWAYS has something negative to say about someone. If she is suppose to be “boss” lady, she should be more positive and uplifting. Leave the BS and the drama to the rest of them but of course, she thinks everyone should kiss her butt and flock to her. Her true colors were shown on Season one. She’s a joke. I’m done with the show.

  • MeliMel

    I love Chrissy! The fight wasn’t about Kimbella messing with Fab. Though Chrissy expressed her disdain, she actually got heated bcuz Kimbella got outta pocket with her mouth! Kimbella was coming off like it was all good…who would toast to that???

  • Judy

    Chrissy was way out of line she acted like she slept with her man. Atleast she was being honest but she should have pulled Emily to the side and told her not in front of everybody.

  • Sha

    Kim deserved everybit of that a** don’t tell somebody you “dated” there partner at a “letting go” was tasteless and rude..she could have had a one on one convo with her at another time and place..chrissy is a real friend at the end of the day

  • Um

    @ Sha I agree, whn u have true friend dey always seem to get the mad whn sum1 hurts u. I knw i wouldve did da same

  • Amber

    Dam.n I looovvveee Chrissy!! She’s definitely ride or die BYTCH!! Kimbella is wack… She was grinning before and after telling Emily…. Emily is a sweet chick… Maybe even tooo sweet cuz Im sweet too BUT I would have got off in her shyt too! Thanks Chrissy!!

  • debutanteslim

    Everyone is going to have mixed opinion about Chrissy because at the end of the day she was defending a friend. Kimbella had the decency to pull Yandy aside and say I use to mess with Fab but I couldn’t understand why she didn’t pull Em aside and say I had relations with your man instead she brings it up infront of everybody, and the fact that she was making those faces behind her drink when Em was talking said to me she had no good intentions at all and at the end of the day got what she deserved

  • Shayla

    Yea, to see some one hurt my soft BFF would have pissed me off also. Kimbella told ole girl on the side she should have told Em the same was too, but did y’all peep her saying oh our sons have the same type of hair . So she knew on the low how Em was prego when she got on wit fab. Kimbella a sac chaser like dae dae dad old lady lol

  • Sweetzs34

    I understand Kim wanting to get it out before it was put out there from someone else. But it was inappropriate to choose that setting to do it. She should have did it privately at a different time. Chrissy wasn’t feeling Kim,n chrissy pays attention to everything…she don’t miss a thing…if we could see the shade through the tv imagine how it felt in da room.

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