Eff A Stylist: The Most Attention Sloriest Red Carpet Looks Of All Time

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The AMAs were this weekend, allowing celebrities to throw on their Sunday bests. But sometimes “bests” can turn to “worst” pretty easily.

We take a look at the craziest, most unforgettable, slore-y red carpet looks of all time.

Snoop – Dude has some major cojones. He took to the red carpet and brought two chicks. That’s not too crazy. But they were wearing leashes!!! Snoop does not give a single solitary eff. At all.

Beyonce – She looked totally radiant this year when she showed up at the VMAs with her lady hump. However, choosing to debut your unborn child during a strut down the red carpet to an award show? Slore-y.

J. Lo – She was trying to take her stardom to a new level and how do you do that? You put your ta-ta’s on full blast in the most revealing dress in Grammy history. Diddy looked like a kid in a candy store next to his dime.

Lil Kim – Speaking of airing out boobies. Kim put her left mammary out in the open and had everyone buzzing. Ah, remember the days when people still cared about her?

Nicki Minaj – When is she not dressed like it’s October 31st? Here, Nicki – next to Weezy and Jar Jar Binks – showed off a big old dose of crazy. But she still shows those cakes so it’s all good to us.

Kanye West – VMA 2009 was a horrible night for Yeezy. Not only did he get into trouble for snatching the mic from Taylor Swift, but he also wore a weird Gordon Gartrelle-inspired leather shirt with one flap tucked in. It’s rare when Amber Rose looks like the more subtle person in a couple.

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    Macy Gray – She took album publicity to a whole other level by plastering her release date on her foil dress. We see you Macy. Unfortunately.

    Lady Gaga – Her outfit was just about sponsored by Ruth’s Chris. Just throw her on a grill and she’d make a feast fit for a king. We can’t imagine the stench coming off of that “dress” after a few hours at the awards show.

    Marques Houston – Dude looks like one of Dexter’s victims. Or like a meth chef. Either way, this was unspeakably bad. What the hell was he thinking? We’re not sure, but this may be a major reason he fell the eff off right around 2005.

    Whoopi Goldberg – Here’s a throwback from 1993. Goldberg looked like a damn genie. We don’t know what movie she was promoting but we hope it had something to do with Disney. She looks like her dress was tailored by Nickelodeon.

    Bjork – A swan? Really? This is sloriness in its finest. We wouldn’t be surprised if that was an actual dead swan wrapped around her neck. Bjork is the OG Lady Gaga.

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