Bossip Exclusive: Check Out Our Interviews With The Cast Of “For Better or For Worse”

- By Bossip Staff

BOSSIP: How much of yourself do you think you bring to your character in “For Better or Worse”?

Michael Jai White: Marcus is really nothing like who I am as a person but the character is getting traits of me, he’s maturing, he’s evolving from “Why Did I Get Married 1.”

BOSSIP: Aside from “The Cosby Show” it seems like the upper middle class black family has kind of been an anomaly on television. Did that have any bearing on what you bring to the role?

MJW: The fact that we are doing well as opposed to anything else doesn’t matter at all. We just have to pay allegiance to the truth. It’s really about what couples go through. I think it would be a mistake to play it like okay, they’re well to do. That would be playing it from the outside in. What unites us all is the human experience, so folks from all segments and economic stations in life can identify.

BOSSIP: How do you feel about Tasha’s role, Angela? Has she gotten a bad rap for bullying Marcus?

Michael: I think people have confused loud with outspoken. Both Tasha and Angela can be outspoken but that is a very empowering thing for people because she is saying what everyone wants to say but is afraid to. She liberates women and just anybody that wants to speak out. Coming from her perspective, it’s like a psychological term called “acting on id,” she is a woman that acts on id. She’s free from the shackles of political correctness and that is something that is a strength in both of them. She has that talent. That’s what Tasha does as well. Being outspoken is freeing.

BOSSIP: What do you think people can learn from watching “For Better or Worse”

Michael Jai White: One thing that I try to put in the Marcus character is that a lot of men have been taught to be players and a lot of women have to be taught game early to survive. To survive you have to evolve and step your game up. Knowing that obstacle women have as far as trusting and what part men have played in that for so long you have to be accepting with that and patient with it.

Keep reading for a brief interview with additional members of the cast.


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