Go Lover: Kelly Rowland Keeps It Funky About Her Passion For Sex Stores And “Not Taking Crap” From Men!

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Now if that ain’t “motivation” then what is???

Upon penning the erotic lyrics to her chart-topping hit “Motivation” earlier this year, Kelly Rowland’s real motivation for the song’s concept may have spawned from her admiration for sex shops among other things.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mirror, the Grammy Award-winning songstress revealed how much she loved adult entertainment stores. “You can’t keep me away from a good sex shop,” she said. “Those are interesting places. I go with a bunch of people that way no one recognizes me.”

Although the 30-year-old Destiny’s Child singer may appear more liberated now than previous years, the X-Factor judge still keeps a close guard on her heart. Since separating from her former fiance and Dallas Cowboys star Roy Williams six years ago Rowland claims that she “don’t take crap” from anyone when it comes to dating, and added that she doesn’t plan on having children until she is “crazy in love.”

“I’m careful with my heart. I don’t take crap from no one these days. I put my foot down,” she declared. “Being a woman you deserve heaven and earth. So if a man wants to date me, know that I don’t take crap…until I’m crazy in love with someone, like my best friend Bey is, then it’s not going to happen. When I get married it will be for life, divorce is not an option.”

Kelly also says that getting older has made her much more comfortable with her sexual behavior

“I’m now liberated at 30, it’s almost a transition.”

Kelly is definitely acting “liberated” lately


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