Tell ‘Em Why You Mad: Miss Jilly From Philly Cries About The Grammys With A Little Twitter Pity Party

- By Bossip Staff

See that kids? Even Jill Scott, living voluptuous goddess and embodiment of light that she is, can have a less than gracious moment.

Last night, immediately following the 2012 Grammy Awards Nomination announcement, Jill Scott voiced her (very worthy) disappointment to almost 170,000 of her closest fans.

But she wasn’t just upset for herself…

So that was the end of it right? Not quite…

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  • dtowncutie95

    I agree wholeheartedly with Jill its a shame good music isn’t recognized because there is so much garbage on the radio…I hate she and several others don’t get the recognition they so rightfully deserve…

  • Lotus

    Leave Ms. Jilly alone…… She’s allowed! Loves her!

  • Anthony Farmer

    Again: those that say they deserve, you get what you work for. Her work MIGHT have been worthy, but the recOgnition, obviosly not so much. Get over it. Get over yourself.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Jill’s CD is the best I bought in 2011. I’m not getting why she wasn’t nominated so I can see her being pissed. Ledisi is the bomb, but I didn’t even know she had an album out. I need to see who else was nominated instead of her. Of course Marsha deserves the nod. Her CD was the bomb also.

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