SMH: Tameka Foster Wants Custody Judge To Drug Test Usher Before He Has A Chance To Cleanse All Them D-Rugs Out Of His System

- By Bossip Staff

Tameka is so serious about getting ex-hubby Ursher to drug tested pronto, before he can get some of that “Clear Flush” poppin.

Via TMZ:

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond is freaking out that testing the singer for drugs will soon be useless — because the more time that passes, the more time Usher has to cleanse his system of illicit substances. In case you haven’t been following — Tameka demanded Usher take a drug test recently because she thinks the singer is popping pills and who-knows-what-else around their kids.

Usher refused on grounds Tameka’s demands were “frivolous and unfounded” and only intended to “harass and embarrass” the singer — but now, Tameka is taking her case back to the judge in the ex-couple’s custody war, pleading with the court to force Usher to take the test despite his refusal. And according to the docs, Tameka wants the court to make it snappy — claiming, any further delay will allow Usher to “cleanse” any evidence of drugs from his system.

SMH. Poor Usher.

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  • http://uashadyb..... jazz

    Get a life please. He got way too much bread to not be handelin his kids properly. She need to sit ye ugly add down quick

  • Magic Don Juan

    Thats what happens when u turn a whoar into a housewife. Pimps up, u know the rest.

  • burito9245

    he is the only father of her kids that is apart of their lives and she’s being childish. the only way he could get her out of his life is when she die. i know thats wrong but he messed up having babies by this trick.

  • Lee

    This is so messed up

  • Mhmm

    I Hate When A Babymama’s Aint Like This They Only Do Cause They Cant Get With The Man & He Dont Want Them . It Would Never Be MeShe Should Want Them In There Life .

  • Mhmm


  • Tonya

    Firtst off i`ve been a Usher fan since the 90`s, but i must say i liked Tameka to, it`s not my place to get in somebody`s business this deep, i just hope they work it out. I love them both!

  • Steelcitychick

    Wow….is she still mad that Usher left her superficial azz!
    He played you Tameka, just like you played your first family for Usher! What goes around comes around!

  • team nymphis

    hoes can be so spiteful.she don’t give a fck if he go to jail or whatever…she just want that paper.

  • XFactor

    I Swear Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorn!… This Woman Is HELLBENT On Destroying This Man!

  • sepia830

    Usher’s mother tried to warn his azz but he wouldn’t listen. Tameka is FOS cuz she wasn’t thinking about Usher’s interactions with their sons until he cancelled her credit card. The judge will see thru her trickish ways.

  • Angel

    Come on now smh how stupid of her one word childish usher could be on crack those still are his she will reget this later on in life

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