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These stars have either found the fountain of youth…or have bad, crusty genes.

Sometimes, celebrities look like they’re much older or much younger than they actually are. The ones that look younger probably use some sort of plastic surgery. And the ones that look older are probably just due to crazy lifestyles. Take a look and add your own candidates!

LeBron James – This balding mofo looks like somebody’s old uncle but he’s just 25! Are we sure about that?

Stacey Dash – Dash is damn near 50, but she’s got a 20-something banging bod and no wrinkles. How’d that happen?

Courtney Stodden – She’s supposedly 17, but she looks like she’s some worn down old 40 year old woman with plastic surgery. We’re actually going to believe that instead.

Stephen Curry – The NBA star looks like he just hit puberty even though he’s 23 years old. Just look at that kid!

Pilar Sanders – Say what you want about Pilar, she’s got a bangin’ bod that people half her age would die for.

Plies – He looks like some 19-year-old punk kid. But dude is 35 years old! He’s too old for that BS.

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Kimbo Slice – He’s no spring chicken at 37, but he looks like he needs a walker instead of knocking mofos out.

Jennifer Lopez – J. Lo stays tight and young even though she’s up there in age. You can’t tell us you don’t want it with her.

Terrell Owens – T.O. is an old washed up football player that looks cut up and athletic enough to be in his mid-20s. We bet most of you aren’t as fit as Owens.


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