The Craziest Celebrity Supserstitions Ever!

Happy Friday The 13th: The Craziest Celebrity Superstitions Ever!

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If you’re waiting for bad luck today, you might not be the only person.

It takes a good bit of luck to reach fame and wealth. Maybe that’s why these stars are so superstitious. After reading this list go ahead and tell us if you have any superstitions that you just HAVE to follow.

Michael Jordan – He played every game with his North Carolina shorts under his Bulls shorts. His jeans have too many holes in them for him to wear shorts under nowadays.

Cameron Diaz – Diddy’s new boo keeps a locket and trinkets with her at all times for good luck.

Paris Hilton – She perpetually knocks on wood if she hears anything she doesn’t want to happen. Ah, the wood joke tells itself.

Tiger Woods – He wears red because it’s supposed to be worn during big victories. We bet he didn’t wear red when he was with any of his cheap side pieces.

Jessica Alba – When she was pregnant, she made all her friends wear bracelets and not take them off until she had the baby. Taking it off would be bad luck for the baby.

Lady Gaga – She believes that having sex with a total stranger will give you bad luck. The only way to have good luck is to chop down someone you love. Errr…okay.

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Megan Fox – The oddly-thumbed wonder has to listen to Britney Spears on a plane because she feels like she’ll never die listening to Britney Spears. Okay, these are getting weird.

Lindsay Lohan – She has a $3,000 evil eye chain for good luck. Um, she must have lost the chain like five years ago.

Missy Elliot – She doesn’t mess with black cats. At all. No comment.


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